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The links provided on this page are links to pages similar to the Cass County Family Court Corruption web pages. There are also links provided to web sites devoted to exposing Judicial Corruption, Official Misconduct and Fraud!

  • Lifting the Veil: Examining the Child Welfare, Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems

  • THE SHYSTERS SHUFFLE!: Contemplating legal action, or your future? The report of this investigation and the LINKS to other sites may help you avoid attorneys that are unprofessional, indifferent to violations of law by members of their own profession, and who turn their backs on the need for prosecution and reform. A "system" gone bad!

  • Not Very Nice: I was never charged with, convicted of, or to my knowledge investigated for, any crime that involved bringing harm to either of my daughters. Explaining how this all came to be is one of the goals of this website.

  • California Protective Parents Association: On our website you will find information, case histories, articles, resources, research and links to other websites. You will also find ideas, a growing community of protective parents, friendships, and a glimmer of hope in this dark world in which you find yourself.

  • CENTER FOR CHILDREN'S JUSTICE, INC.: Protecting the Inalienable Rights of Children Center for Children's Justice, Inc. A Nonprofit Colorado Corporation in the public interest.

  • ORPHAN: This is the true story of Roger Dean Kiser, Sr., an orphan, who was physically, mentally and sexually abused by the Children's Home Society, The Florida School for Boys at Marianna and the State of Florida. "I tell my stories not out of self-pity or because I want anyone to feel sorry for me. I have written these stories, as best I could in a child's voice and strictly from a child's point of view so that the world will know what, and how a child secretly feels when he or she is abused and is afraid to speak."

  • Tracey L. W.: In October of 1987 I was the Defendant in a child custody battle involving my 3 year old son, Shawn. The end result was that I lost custody. I decided to post my story on the web for several reasons:

  • Children's Justice: This country was founded my men and women brave enough to stand up and say in a loud voice "enough!" The time has come to say it again. Join with me in doing so. Make a difference. Speak for equality under the law, as well as both the rights of children and their parents.

  • Children Hostages In Life's Derangement: The focus of this site is strictly, for what is in the child's best interest. Children's Living Conditions Should Be The Civil Rights Movement Of The Dawning Of The 21st Century.
  • Injustice In Northern Indiana: Irony: Many in the legal circles (including prominent lawyers and judges) in other States of the Union, other countries, and even in Indiana itself have

  • wondered how such injustice (as in this case) could have gone on (since August 1999) for so long with the knowledge and acquiescence of the agencies which are supposed to oversee the unchecked and pervasive powers of the judiciary...

  • Johnson County, Kansas: This web site is devoted to investigating and publishing corruption in Johnson County. We rely on the many honest citizens of Johnson County to report this information.

  • Corruption in Maine: By Phil Castoria Licensed and Bonded Private Investigator in the State of Maine - 30 years My investigation has been ongoing for several years. It will take time to give you the facts and the evidence of the inhumane treatment inflicted upon two innocent, law-abiding citizens who stood up for their rights. I will keep adding to this site, so please check back.

  • Justice for Families: Incorporated as a Non-Profit in November of 2000, Justice For Families, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Tom & Nev Moore of Barnstable, MA, to provide support and advocacy for families unjustly targeted by Child "Protective" Services. Our membership is composed of parents, grandparents, family members, friends, foster kids & former foster kids, and concerned citizens. JFF is independent, non-profit, and not affiliated with any agencies. We do not charge a membership fee, and rely on donations. In the course of our own journey through the CPS/DSS nightmare we discovered that the unwarranted seizure of children from non-abusive, non-neglectful homes is a national problem of staggering proportions.
  • Mass Outrage: Web site prepared by Attorney Gregory A. Hession. Mass Outrage is a collection real-world practical information about how the Massachusetts Department of Social Services works.
  • Families Against Abuse: Children are abused, molested, humiliated, and at times under fed, beaten and scared into keeping their mouth shut for fear that they will never see the home they once felt safe in, and yet the department of social services sweeps these things under the rug, But then we must not forget residential placements that children are placed in through the department of social services as some of these places use violent restraints, scare tactics, verbal and physical abuse as well as over drugging children on what they call medication to help them and then there are those that even give children the wrong medication over and over again, but yet it is again justified, covered up or excused over and over again.
  • DSS/CPS Victims Homepage: This page grew out of my personal page about my own experience with the Massachusetts Department of Social Services. I decided that more people needed to get their stories out in the public in order to create an awareness of the enormity of

  • this problem.

  • The Injustice Line: A web site devoted to exposing and publicizing injustices................. "Mr. Lawrence ranks among the highest caliber of practitioners who serve appointed clients in the Michigan Court of Appeals. I have been very impressed with the degree of diligence he exhibits on his cases." -- Judge Maura Corrigan, Michigan Court of Appeals (now Justice, Michigan Supreme Court).
  • CITIZEN'S FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS: Meet Bernie Nyhof and his son, Dave Nyhof. Bernie ad Dave have initiated one of the better "grass roots" advocacy and reform movements I have seen being done. It is my belief that the Nyhof's will accomplish success where others have tried.
  • Why do I volunteer as an advocate?: Meet Nancy Luckhurst! Stop corrupt Child Protective workers and Judges from stealing our children and placing them in unsafe foster homes. Make these people accountable for violating constitutional rights of the people they are sworn to serve.
  • David's Children: A true account of the Crowton family who had their children removed by Michigan Children's Protective Services and placed into a home where there is a convicted child molester, who is currently on probation for child molestation, and has already violated the

  • probation at least twice. Having your children taken away from you is stressful enough, but sending them into a home where they can be damaged for life is overwhelmingly evil, cruel and wrong.
  • Corruption in Michigan Courts: The Judicial System in Michigan is an absolute joke, and it is administered by criminals that place their personal and political agendas before the United States Constitution. Here, unlike in the Courtroom, we deal in the Truth.
  • Help Emily: With advisement of some attorney's we were told not to let her go back.. As of yet we have not, even going as far as to home school. We have taken her to the Emergency Room the night we found it and contacted the police and Child Protective Services as well as the Friend of the Court. But the police, CPS and Friend of the Court say that she is lying, after they have spoken to the opposite side.
  • Victim of the State: Here you will find the feared truth the controlled media hides from the citizens of Jackson Michigan. This only one of many cases of racism and extensive public corruption here in Jackson.
  • Fraud and Corruption with the Cass County Family Court: This web page is dedicated to the exchange of information and for providing referrals for individuals who are having problems and adverse experiences with the Cass County Family Court System, including the Friend of the Court, Cass County Children's Protective Services, attorneys, and Cass County Mental Health Services Organizations who provide court ordered custody/visitation evaluations.

  • When Angels Cry: It is the belief of W.A.C. that the children in need of Court intervention, also need an advocate and a watchdog. One who is not funded by the municipality in which the child or his/her parents or guardians reside.

  • The Kierra Harrison Foundation: We are here as a resource for the "Parents" and concerned people everywhere to help change the dangerous system of unregulated Daycare licenses... child abuse... and missing and exploited children.

  • DCYF: New Hampshire's Child Protective Services Agency: Introduction All over the country, citizens and non-citizens are discovering that the ideals of state agencies charged with protecting children have run amok. Reports from anonymous callers, Police, and Emergency Room personnel are leading to many investigations of law-abiding families. While many of these investigations wind up being dropped as unfounded, the remaining cases put people through a financial and emotional wringer.
  • DCYF's Tricks of the Trade: As one gains experience with DCYF's cases and those in other states, common threads begin to emerge as to how Child Protective Service (CPS) agencies behave. Unfortunately, none of these merit praise, most shake one's faith in State government. DCYF frequently employs the following behaviors and techniques.

  • Save Your Children: We are here for four simple reasons: To let the public know how inept the child-protective / child welfare services are in this country, to alert our politicians that the Mondale Act must be repealed, and to form a coalition of interested efforts around the country so that we might speak with one voice, and to offer hope to those parents that have been wronged by CPS.

  • Can You Imagine: CP$ can terminate your parental rights and put your children up for adoption, and you have no say in the matter".

  • Join-Hands for Children: Who is for Kids and Who is just kidding! To repeal existing immunity statutes provided to judicial officials and child "protection" agency personnel that allow for blatant disregard for Child Abuse Prevention Laws, Child's Best Interest Guidelines, Due Process, Rules of Evidence and Civil Rules of Court

  • SAVE OUR CHILDREN/STOP CHILD ABUSE: The Story of Paul McLaughlin-This web site celebrates the triumph of one man over a childhood during which he and his twin sister were tormented and severely abused for eighteen years.
  • A Voice for Children: In 1996, Melissa Gaston, age 5, was literally stolen out of the front yard of the apartment building where she and her father, Will Gaston, were living. She remained in foster homes where she was raped, burned as a method of punishment, and, at age 6, a porn film was made of her by foster mother Hazel Spees, at the direction of Larry Lawson, a caseworker for SOSCF (State of Oregon Services for Children and Families).
  • GovernmentChildTheft.com: Your Children Depend on Your Protection! It is important to know the motive behind the Children's Services organizations. The number one motive is MONEY. Federal dollars are awarded to each state based on certain statistics like how many children are taken into care, how many are adopted out, what kind of services a child needs etc. These services are "needs" created by the state to justify the well paid therapists, psychologists, doctors, counselors, lawyers etc. who all benefit from this industry.

  • Former Foster Children: I am a former foster child. I was put into placement when I was three years old. I remained a ward of the court, through the birth of my first baby at 16, until I turned 18. I don't want to see any more foster children go through the same things I've gone through. This is why I have built this site for former foster children. We are here for foster children, former and otherwise, and ANYONE who may need us.
  • Welcome to The Pennsylvania Family Court Reform Page: As you probably figured out from the title of this web site, the web master lives in Pennsylvania and is facing an UNCONSTITUTIONAL family court system. There is a tremendous need for change in the Family Court System as it pertains to divorce, custody, and child support not only in Pennsylvania, but nation wide.

  • Welcome To Caught!: The Public list of judicial misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, ethics violations, civil rights violations and other abuses of power in Rhode Island.

  • TEXANS AGAINST FALSE ALLEGATIONS: Texans Against False Allegations, (T.A.F.A.), is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting Teachers, Foster Parents, and other Child Care Providers in a fight against a system out of control.
  • Justice For Children: Justice For Children is a national nonprofit organization of citizens concerned about children's rights and their protection from abuse. Our mission is to raise the consciousness of our society about the failure of our governmental agencies to protect victims of child abuse, to provide legal advocacy for abused children and to develop and implement, on a collaborative basis where possible, a full range of solutions that enhance the quality of life for these children.
  • Texans for Justice: FIGHTING BRIBERY, CORRUPTION, CRONYISM, INFLUENCE PEDDLING, INJUSTICE, TYRANNY If you are aware of any "horror stories" in the courts of Harris County, please let us know. These judges only commit these acts of injustice because they have always gotten away with it and they believe they always will!

  • National Outrage: The State of Utah is buying federal dollars with the blood of our children.

  • Wenatchee's Lesson to the World: Pastor Roberson, Mrs. Vasquez and a few others had the courage to stand up to evil and expose the witch hunt. The state Court of Appeals has overturned six cases, handing down rulings highly critical of the police, trial judges, prosecutors and public defenders.

  • Judicial Watch: As a non-partisan, non-profit foundation based in Washington, D.C., and with offices throughout the country, Judicial Watch relies on supporters, like yourself, to help us root out corruption in our government and to make sure offenders are brought to justice.

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