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Former Ambassador Leo Wanta Getting 1.575 Trillion Of Stolen U.S. Funds Back To Treasury

Former Ambassador Leo Wanta Getting 1.575 Trillion Of Stolen U.S. Funds Back To Treasury

Despite the Bush and Clinton crime families efforts to rip-off the country of more than 27.5 trillion, Wanta has recovered more than 1.575 trillion. He further thanked the Arctic Beacon for being one of the only news outlets to believe his story as the mainstream media remains hush-hush.

By Greg Szymanski

Good news for the American people, courtesy of former Ambassador Leo Wanta, as more than 1.575 trillion dollars is being returned to the U.S. Treasury.

Although a rather hefty sum, it is only a small portion of the 27.5 trillion, now more than doubled due to interest, Wanta has been trying to recover on behalf of the American people since the end of the Cold War.

Wanta was named legal trustor of vast sum of money by President Reagan after he was assigned the task of destablizing the Soviet monetary system, his efforts amassing a large war chest of dollars, which was to be returned to the U.S. Treasury

However, according to Wanta, after Reagan left office, he was back stabbed by the Bush I administration, leading to a long and unwarranted jail term to "get him out of the way," including more than 200 days in a Swiss jail and years behind bars on a bogus Wisconsin state income tax charge.

Released more than a year ago, Wanta has been trying with limited resources and no cooperation from the government and the media to return the money to the American people.

During his many years in jail, much of the money has been diverted to numerous private overseas accounts and, according to Wanta, essentially looted by the corrupt Bush and Clinton crime families.

But in an unexpected move in 2003 Wanta filed a federal court case to recover the money. Although the case was dismissed under sovereign immunity, he received verification from the court that his legal trustor status was valid, the judge telling him to use the federal collections courts as a recovery process.

During the last year, Wanta has been trying to retrace his financial tracks and Monday emailed the Arctic Beacon for being one of the only news outlets to follow the story, saying 1.575 trillion is a good first step at lowering the national debt.

"Thank you and your staff for their kind assistance to recover said corporate/repatriation funds with full disclosure to the United States Department of the Treasury, et al," said Wanta Monday in an email to the Arctic Beacon.

Although the financial arrangements are complicated and did not want to elaborate the sensitive nature of the recovery due wiretapping issues,Wanta said he has been under serious pressure due to the large sum of money, which would be far more than a black eye to Daddy Bush, President Bush and Clinton if wind of the recovery ever made it to the main stream media.

Up until now, as expected, all news outlets in America are playing a hush-hush game, as in essence they serve as nothing more than propaganda arms for the New World Order, bringing down America piece by piece.

In fact, the incredible Wanta story, dubbed the 27.5 trillion dollar man, may prove to be the "story of the century" even though it is cloaked in a complicated web of financial accounting, mystery and intrigue dating back to the end of the Cold War.

But, as expected, in the midst of the many lies told to the people about a failed economy, the crime lords in the Bush and Clinton families having been part and parcel in the biggest rip-off in modern day banking history to the tune of more that 27.5 trillion, a conservative estimate according to Wanta.

Wanta will be appearing this week on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, to talk more in depth about the 1.2 trillion dollar recovery.

For a concise story about the back stabbing and dirty dealings of the Wanta story, read one of the many stories in the arctic Beacon archives as well as the following one printed a couple of months ago.

By Greg Szymanski

It seems behind every rock there is another dead body when it comes to the incredible case of Ambassador Leo Wanta, the man holding 27.5 trillion dollars in trust for the American people as Illuminati banksters try to rip him off on a daily basis.

First there was attorney Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel to President Clinton, found dead in a Washington D.C. park just after Wanta handed him 250 million in Switzerland for the Childrens' Defense Fund, a fund both men thought was legit but turned out to be nothing more than a front for black ops money considered by insiders to be Hillary Clinton's personal slush fund.

Then there was Wanta's business partner, Kok Howe Kwong, and other associates like Freddie Woodruff and Francois de Grosseurve, all found dead, according to Wanta, "strangely for their personal belief in our Great Nation, but by betrayal of others with falsehoods and malice," pointing the finger in the direction of George H. Bush and Clinton.

And now, years later, after Wanta spent a lengthy, what he calls "trumped-up" prison sentence and now released on house arrest, the killing appears to be continuing in an all out effort by the Illuminati to get their hands on the vast sum of money in Wanta's control before it ever can be released safely into the hands of the American people.

The reason being Wanta, nicknamed the '27.5 Trillion Dollar Man', is legally holding the financial "golden keys" to a vast sum of money made right after the Cold War after he and others on behalf of President Ronald Reagan were assigned to destabilize the Russian Ruble. The profits have now grown to approximately 27.5 trillion and Wanta has ben legally appointed trustee by a 2003 federal court ruling out of Alexandria, Virginia.

And to verify the dangers behind the Wanta story due to the enormous sum of money at stake, Marco Saba of the Observatory of Organized Crime in Switzerland, a privately funded European crime watch dog group, this week had this to say about the 27.5 trillion in Wanta's control:

"In January 2006 a man named 'Jack' tried to take money from one of Wanta's accounts at UBS - Zurich. He was killed in the basement of the UBS bank.

"In March, 2006, a former undercover Swiss agent Fausto "Tato" Cattaneo, worked closely with DEA, to defeat the Cali drug cartel in Colombia and he wrote a book in 2001 about his work to investigate the whereabouts of Leo Wanta's account in Switzerland.

"He recently was arrested by former police colleagues and held jailed for a week in Zurich. He has just been released. I agree that Wanta's story is very interesting and that people want to stop him from recovering the money."

Interviewed March 23 on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal, Wanta said he and Foster, as well as many other patriots working in the best interests of the U.S., were essentially double-crossed, Foster being murdered for "knowing too much" and Wanta being shackled and hidden away in a Swiss dungeon for 134 days.

For the entire story of how Wanta was sentenced to 22 years for a bogus Wisconsin state income tax evasion charge, recently released and still under house arrest with 10 years remaining on his sentence and how in 2003 a federal judge ruled he was legal trustee of 27.5 trillion from Cold War profits from destabilizing the Soviet currency, see print story in archives of or two hour radio interview on in the archives of the Investigative Journal.

Filed on Dec. 4, 1998, in Swiss court documents before the Honorable Judge Jacques Antenen on behalf of AmeriTrust Corp., one of the legal entities protecting trillions for the American people, Wanta entered the following statements about how he was being framed and how many of his associates, not on the treasonous Bush/Clinton team, were strangely and mysteriously killed.

Further, Wanta was in the middle of what turned out to be an illegal Bush and Clinton network of illegal banking drug running and other treasonous affairs in direct violation of international and U.S. law. Although a complex statement, it lists many names and account references that if investigated properly, could perhaps get to the bottom of some of the Illuminati's illegal funding and treasonous acts directed against the people of the United States.

"We have never laundered any money, since we are authorized to receive 10 percent of any and all US Government lawful seizures under our United States Agreements, as we are definitely not the alleged criminals as falsely stated by unknown State and Suisse provocateurs in some shadow, without truthful facts and Counter-Intelligence knowledge and related USG responsibilities," said Wanta in the 1998 Swiss court documents.

"My partner and brother, Kok Howe Kwong, and my associates like Freddie Woodruff, Francois de Grosseurve and Vince Foster died strangely for their personal belief in our Great Nation, by BETRAYAL of others with falsehoods and malice, USG "Security Code - NEW REPUBLIC" of USCA 18 / 6 Jackson, Mississippi, INTEL.ops legally organized as New Republic / USA Financial Group, Ltd. to coordinate U. S. Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush implementation of Contra funding v Boland Amendment, with canal barge deliveries; POM (Arkansas) sub-assemblies and covert production and related parts to COLAS (Honduras) final assembly operations; Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA) with Chairman Bob Nash under Operation: DEALROOM with Bank of China FOREX of Japanese Yen and USDollars with Arkansas Pension Funding to the People's Republic of China ( PRC.ops), with US Attorney General Bill Barr / CIA.ops / DOD.ops (see field reports of RAC Wm Lecates and Frank B Ingram (Sector 5), as copied to USSS Director John Magaw and SAC Glen Speedy, et al, ; including the Browning Arms Sale and Delivery of certain weapons through Arab Associates and Ronald Arab, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to the Panama Groupe protected by then Vice President Bush, per USGovernment STING operation headed and coordinated by USG INTEL operative Leo Wanta and SA32NV - Frank B Ingram via Corpus Christi U. S. Customs Operations, under USGovn Case numbers relative to Boland Amendment and other U. S. Federal arms and smuggling violations; ref: USGovn case numbers in Wanta/Ingram/Lecates US Government authorized Field reports, and U. S. Federal Court records in Corpus Christi, Texas Region. MX Mobile Missile mobilization / deployment activities of New Republic/USA ( Mississippi.ops) to purchase the Santa Fe / Southern Pacific Railroad in U. S. Bankruptcy proceedings with BLACK.ops/ New Republic/USA funding as authorized ( documents available ).. New Republic/USA purchase of USSR Mig 29 FULCRUM maintenance manuals for U. S. Air Force OSI operations, like a true copy, certainly qualified this writer as an American operative once again, as well as the Soviet HIND aircraft recovery operations, Aneko Credit Pte Ltd covert investigation of Motorola SECTEL Sales and delivery to Iran Security Operations via Singapura/Malaysia, Yongbyon, North Korea "nuclear chip" manufacturing, developed by Singapore Technologies for sister plants in North Korea & Singapura, as financed by VIOLA TRADING LIMITED, Andras Szasz and George Soros Groupe of Sovereign House, Station Road, St John, Isle of Man - Registration No. 41992, Isle of Man, as well as diesel oil and other procurement of previously EMBARGOED commodities. Kuwait Dinar FOREX as sanctioned by US Government programs utilizing the INSLAW, Inc. PROMIS software, inter alia, and much much more for absolute proof that, We, AmeriTrust and our corporate officers are real victims of Criminal Conspiracy by others, enjoying their current freedom at our expense and displeasure, but certainly for their PERSONAL GAIN and Abuse and Misuse of Power without merit...

"Based on my diplomatic situation, I was kidnapped in Switzerland and taken to New York at gunpoint, and appeared in the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, USA, Docket No. 93-M-2072; whereas the Court dismissed any and all unlawful / alleged complaints of the State of Wisconsin, based on U S Government Motion as to Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta - whereas the State of Wisconsin - Department of Revenue DEFIED said U. S. Federal Order and had me re-arrested in New York City with only my Diplomatic Entry / VISA without any valid arrest warrant, for continuous refusal to pay a Wisconsin civil tax assessment as a nonresident."

Regarding the present hi-jacking of the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. government, as well as his own personal role in trying to protect the American people from massive corruption, leading to what could be the eventual destruction of the U.S., he added his final comments in the 1998 Swiss court documents:

"All of my U.S. Government actions, including the U.S.S.R. ruble currency affair(the manner in which Wanta and others amassed the 27.5 trillion now protected in trust) were carried out with the full knowledge of my superiors. I personally do not intend to be fraudulently used as a Human Sacrifice to deny and cover-up the working knowledge and shared responsibility of others. Now without any doubt, we have a conscious US Government policy of ignoring reality. The American Public needs to learn what is really happening in the United States and the Sovereign State of Wisconsin, so that Civil Tax Laws can be accountable to a large and informed public, and not just generated lawlessly by delusional tax agents, whose judgments are colored by their personal needs and biases, under the color of law. To forcibly DRUG and IMPRISON me to collect unknown corporate and personal non-residency income taxes is grossly CRIMINAL, as well as a direct violation of my United States Constitutional, Civil and Diplomatic Rights. Once upon a time, " a decision which has long been regarded as the special province of the Executive Branch" - charged by the U. S. Constitution to " TAKE CARE THAT THE LAWS BE FAITHFLLY EXECUTED." [U. S. Const., Art II, Sec 3, Id at 832, 105 S ct at 1656. See also Powell v Katzenbach, 359 F 2d 234 (1965) cert denied 384 U. S. 906, 86 S ct 1341, 16 L Ed 2d 359 (1966)].

"The overall cost of closing your eyes to the State of Wisconsin's Corruption and Tax Conspiracy by acts of kidnapping/abduction on foreign sovereign soil is beyond American traditions of Due Process and Equal Protection under our United States Constitution, certainly exposing the Clinton Administration complicity and open endorsement. I was led to believe that at one time, our United States of America President William Jefferson Clinton had both the moral standing and the Presidential means to " back up" our U. S. Constitution, our Civil Rights, and Guarded Privileges, under his personal World Leadership, based on our USG sanctioned " De-stabilization of the Evil Empire."

"May God save our Great Nation from inner destruction and Misuse and Abuse of Power, contrary to our Democratic Rule of Law and the U. S. Constitution."

Editor's Note: Some of Wanta's phraseology was taken directly from Swiss court documents, with the intended meaning to serve a legal purpose more than a literary one if, by chance, some readers found it 'tough going' when reading some of the quotes.

For more informative articles, go to:

And Now It’s Durham Trust Vs Leo Wanta

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Jury Still Out on Wanta’s Credibility, According To Wife Of Murdered U.S. Army Colonel

V.K. Durham says Wanta isn’t the “white knight’ he portrays himself as and is just one of the “good old boys.”

10 Jan 2007

By Greg Szymanski

Sometimes with a little bit of luck and a good roll of the dice good men prevail and evil is defeated.

In the case of the Leo Wanta story, the jury is still out whether the former Treasury agent is on the good side or the bad.

But according to the wife of a murdered U.S. Army Colonel, charged with overseeing more than 175 CIA secret bank accounts, Wanta isn’t the “white knight” portrayed in many internet articles, including those on the Arctic Beacon.

V.K.Durham, the widow of Col. Russell Herman, who claims her husband was assassinated by government thugs, said Wanta is one of the good old boys, adding:

“He is part of the old BUSH-CLINTON-CONTRA “DRUG AND MONEY LAUNDERING GROUP” that found it necessary TO SHOW SOURCE OF COLLATERAL/FUNDS under new International Banking Regulations ..and did a lot FORGERY, FALSE NOTARY and BACK DATING on the “BONUS 3392-181″ COLLATERAL “DEBT” Instruments owned by the DURHAM HOLDING TRUST, Tias 12087 trying to ‘get legitimate’ and ‘make organized crime or R.I.C.O. “Murder Inc. & Murder For Profit “Legal!”

In earlier testimony, Durham elaborated on how the “good old boys” ripped off the Durham trust account:

“Two hundred and forty billion in stolen currency was obtained resulting from George H. W. Bush’s presidential abuse of power, when he authorized former Treasury Secretary Nicholas Brady and former Secretary of State James Baker III to make fraudulent use of the Durham Family Trust collateral without her permission. There is evidence that Colonel Hermann’s and V. K. Durham’s signatures were forged on a Goldman-Sachs bank account certification requesting the conversions to U.S. currency.

“The money was never repaid since the ten-year Brady bonds–purchased before September 13, 1991 using the fraudulent collateral and gold bullion as security came due on September 12, 2001–the day after the 9.11 attacks, having allegedly been underwritten and held by the trustee, Cantor-Fitzgerald bond brokerage firm [whose offices on floors 101-105 in the North Tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) were destroyed on 9.11 along with the Brady bond evidence.”

Regarding Wanta, he recently came back on the public scene, claiming he entered into an agreement with U.S. officials to repatriate $4.5 trillion on off shore funds. He also claimed he as at odds with the last three presidential administrations who were stealing trillions in off shore funds - money dedicated under the Reagan protocols and money under Wanta’s control to return to the American people for the betterment of the economy.

Much of Wanta’s story has been told in the Arctic Beacon, depicting Wanta riding the horse against the evil Bush and Clinton administrations.

However, Durham tells a different story, the flip side of the coin that must be told in order to sniff out the truth.

Apparently, according to emails made public Wanta has been communicating with Durham even though he has gone on record saying he is under a gag order and unable to talk to this editor and others interested in his story.

Although Wanta’s representative, Michael C. Cottrell told the arctic Beacon he is not talking, according to Durham’s post on her web site she has communicated with him in recent days in the following manner:

Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2007


By: V.K. Durham

—– Original Message —–

From: V.K. Durham

To: Ambassador Leo E Wanta


Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2007 10:53 AM


Mr. Wanta.

Sorry to inform you that I did not originate the issue of you being Leo Vanta. This Leo Vanta came out of Russia..there are 19 pages. You can read it at .

This, in my ‘opinion’ ties directly in with the DRUG CARTELS mentioned in TOM FLOCCO’S article .

Mr. Flocco’s information is part of ongoing Investigations into Organized Crime Banking Activities.

Your MEMO’S to Vice President Cheney…sets your stripes..

You may be a natural born American Citizen.. But; You know what Leo? It requires one hell of a lot more than ‘lip service’ to be AN AMERICAN!

TRUE Americans; “Uphold, Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America, Against all parties, foreign or domestic.”


Somehow.. I just don’t feel as though the two before mentioned which your name is associated, qualifies for “Upholding, Protecting and Defending”..

I did not ‘invent’ Leo Vanta.. Your Russian Associates/Friends did.

V.K. Durham, CEO

—– Original Message —–

From: Ambassador Leo E Wanta

To: V.K. Durham

Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2007 9:42 AM


Frank B Ingram SA32NV [ Sector V ] of The US Department of the Treasury is very much alive .. as I reconfirmed moments ago ..

As to YOUR invented Leo Vanta we collectively have absolutely no confirmation of any living individual ..

Nor am I any form of a CRIMINAL _ nor do I intend to engage in CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES as libelously stated by your groupe ..

Our OFFSHORE and LAWFUL corporate funds _ with SOURCE of FUNDS already certified in the COURT RECORDS _ will be repatriated and invested to assure Our National Security is strengthened forthwith, and never with any past _ present _ future connection to these BONUS monetary sources ..

Sorry, we apparently can not work together to serve OUR GREAT NATION ..

Lee E Wanta, an American Citizen by birthright ..

“V.K. Durham” wrote:

To: Mr. Leo Vanta-Wanta:

Thank you Mr. Wanta for acknowledging my “Intelligence” background.

When you called me yesterday.. I believe I made it clear regarding my opinion as to who you are..further stating: I do not believe you are the Frank Ingram who was the Financial Engineer who worked with my husband and the “Working Group”..because information gathered by my ‘little fox’s’..tells me ‘our Frank Ingram is dead.’

You were also informed regarding your CHRISTOPHER STORY’s arrogance, and demeaning behaviour regarding his dislike for Americans. Being a ‘Brit’ is no excuse for rudeness. All ‘unacceptable.’

V.K. Durham, CEO

This is to: WE the People;

Many of you are not old enough to know about DOPPLEGANGERS.. But we most assuredly have a DOPPLEGANGER situation presently presenting its-self.

Too many old WWII Nazi type DOPPELGANGERS have surfaced..all ‘look alikes’..

Back during the WAR OF THE PACIFIC; The U.S. NAVY had a U.S. NAVY PILOT recovered from the Pacific who alleged he had been shot down by the Japanese. The U.S. NAVY PILOT was 6′3″ tall and Left Handed.

U.S. NAVAL REQUIREMENTS for pilots in WWII.. Height 5′10″..Right Handed.

The recovered 6′3″ Left Handed pilot later became OSS, OSI, the head of CIA, Vice President and then President of the United States.. pushing this Nation through unparalleled Drug and Money Laundering Operations while laundering those DRUG and MONEY through International Banking, and our U.S. Federal Reserve affiliated BANKS..

Good men who believed in the Oath they took when entering Service of the United States Armed Forces and worked up through the ranks becoming respected officials in Office of Naval Intelligence, OSS or OSI and the private corporation known as the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency or CI-Ltd., such as COLBY, CASEY, BORDU, HERRMANN and too many bankers to count have all been MURDERED by those ‘at the top’ who saw a way the stolen accounts and moneys could create a NEW WORLD ORDER GOVERNMENT.

THE MUSLIM LADY(s) “Gladios” (Stay Behind)..PHILIPPINE OPERATION published December 13, 2006: “VKD/WANTA SMOKE SCREEN. Smoke has been absolutely billowing all over the Internet about the fantastic claims of Ambassador Leo Wanta. VK Durham has been anxious to sidle up to the Wanta situation, even to the point of extending an invitation to him to “come in from the cold.”

What can we say about the Wanta Trillions? Not much, except that it is interesting that the total is claimed to be $27.5 Trillion— EXACTLY HALF of the $55 Trillion which has been accumulated subsequent to the 1996 agreement between the United States Treasury COSMOS/GAIA. What a coincidence.

We stand ready, willing and able with THE solution to be implemented when man is ready for it. ” Signed: Ron Kirzinger [end quote]

DOPPELGANGERS and GLADIOS, but none can pass the test of SHOWING SOURCE OF COLLATERAL/FUNDS and/or being authorized by “the Real McCoy” in such as the Global Alliance Investment Association, Hellenic Express International Ltd., InterAmerican Investment Corporation, InterAmerican Development Bank, The Depository Trust Co., Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85.. all DOPPELGANGERS pretending to be U.S. Federal Reserve/U.S. Treasury “Corporations” with the exception of one..and that one is held in Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087..and that ONE was the ONE my husband was murdered over, because someone thought he owned something..he did not own.

This same group of “doppelgangers” and “gladios” murdered J.F.K. corrupted the U.S. Federal Reserve Banking System and have damm near totally destroyed the CREDIBILITY of the U.S. Treasury, and in doing so have come close to allowing another DOPPELGANGER called the Federal Reserve Note allowed to ‘look like and pretend to be’ the U.S. DOLLAR (Gold & Silver Certificates), to conduct ORGANIZED CRIMINAL ACTIVITY OF DRUG & MONEY LAUNDERING overthrowing Sovereign Nations through PREDATORY BANKING which defies the original Purpose and Intent of the 1947 BRETON WOODS AGREEMENT/IMF first FOUR sections.

COLBY, CASEY, BORDU, LeMAY, HERRMANN and the Engineer from Mexico..are all dead now, but those men used to sit at my dining room table discussing MILITARY BUILD UP sitting across the Mexican Borders ready to roll across the borders like “shit through a hot tin horn”..

Could this recent ‘incursion’ down on the Arizona Borders be a ‘beginning’ of these “Gladios” and remnants of the DULLES plan so many years ago..?

Seems like all this ‘Banking’ goes through SPAIN and ITALY so..check out GLADIOS at .

As to who LEO VANTA or WANTA is..I’ve made my judgement call.. This is still a free country and you are free to make your own to who he is.

But, read the following before you do so..

V.K. Durham, CEO

Further, Durham penned a story on January 5, telling the other side of the Leo Wanta, a die of the story that needs to be told before the jury of public opinion comes back with a verdict on Wanta’s credibility.

Here is the article that appeared on her web site:

Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2007
All of you who have been ‘cheering’ Leo on had better read this written material collected by Puparo, in a warning against the Russian mobs, coming out of the former Soviet Union and you can read about it at .
There are a total of 19 pages worthy of ‘copy’ and ‘print’ for study.

Leo Wanta tries as he may to make everyone want to believe he was under Reagan’s Executive Orders.. NO! Wanta ‘contributed’ $50,000 to Reagan and this bought Wanta an Ambassadorship.. But, he got his toe hold under 1997-98 when they decided to do a bit of Forgery and False Notary on Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087 Collateral Instruments.

This took some doing..but, a ‘dead man’s signature’ was lifted and placed on what appeared to be an “assignment of interest” by this ‘dead man’..(who had no interest to assign). The ‘dead man’s signature’ was Notarized FOUR years after Date of Death. Then they proceeded to file these ‘forged’ and false notary documents out in Las Vegas Nevada’s Clark County Recorders Records, August 10, 1998 at 8:35 A.M., Official Records 980810 Instrument: 00323.

Contained in the before-mentioned filing was DEED OF RECORD NO. 189934 owned by V.K. Durham, filed in Washington County, County Records of Thomas Ganz in Nashville, Illinois, filed August 1, 1994, Book of Deeds, page 849.. and that is what all of this ORGANIZED CRIME “MONEY LAUNDERING” of U.S. DEBT Collateral Instruments..were alleged to be based on..

You know..funny thing about husbands getting murdered, and their signatures getting forged, while the husbands Military Records are ‘erased’ and the wife’s work histories erased..leaving the wife destitute.. You know..WIVES GET PISSED OFF! And the Wife knows something is dammed wrong and starts looking into all of this.. (it would have been better to pay the Widows Benefits, and the wife would have gone golfing).

When my records were erased..they wiped the ability to know “I” was the D.O.E. Investigator put out in the field originally investigate what was known then as “OPERATION CODE NAME TROJAN.”

What you are looking at with LEO VANTA (WANTA) is ORGANIZED CRIME.

Leo Vanta (Wanta) takes great delight in letting the public know he brought down THE RUSSIAN BANKS.. CNNMoney has an interesting article from 1998 which you should read.. .
only 2 pages, but worthy of copy.

This ORGANIZED CRIME goes into when GEORGE SOROS BOUGHT GEORGE W. BUSH and collapsed the Bank of England..
[ ].

George Soros, James Baker III, Bush(s) and the Carlyle Group’s double dealing involving Iraq can be read at
[22 pages worthy of copy & study].DO NOT! I REPEAT: DO NOT allow the Leo Wanta, George Soros, Baker III, Bush(s), Clinton(s), Mark Rich, CARLYLE GROUP, Whackenhut, Halliburton, Monsanto, GOLDMAN SACHS, Federal Reserve/UST (since Bill Clinton put the CIA, Fed. R. under TREASURY in 1994), RIADY GROUP, BCCI, CitiGroup, etals BANKRUPT THE UNITED STATES as they did the Bank of England, the Central Banks of Russia, Germany, France, Japan … So quit cheering these CRIMINALS ON! The Country you lose WILL BE YOUR OWN.Every sneaking way that could be thought of to COLLAPSE the United States and throw her into ‘receivership’ has been thought of.. BUT! They have not figured out how to keep from paying THE CREDITOR i.e. DURHAM HOLDING TRUST, TIAS 12087 with the WE THE PEOPLE owning 24% of the GOLD COLLATERAL calculated on one of the 7% semi annual calculations from May 1, 1875 to May 1, 1990.

When I bought 4 shares, two for Cosmos Seafood Energy Marketing, Ltd; Nevada ID # 1707-85 and DURHAM INTERNATIONAL LTD; TRUST, buying into TIAS 12087 back in 1987-88.. because “NO Company or Corporation would be allowed to do business here in the U.S. or in the International Markets without belonging to the “Trading Group”..operating out of the ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER. Who would have THUNK that all of this would have come about?! Who would have even considered all this CRIMINAL ACTIVITY would be going on?

Who would have thought we would have presidents and drug cartels involved in such as
tied in with THE RUSSIAN MOB
and that tied in with a SENATOR which you can read about at
and more at ..THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF..the future of the UNION of the Republics of the United States hinges on what you of the Xth Amendment Governments do..Subject: Fw: “USEFUL IDIOTS” (Christopher Story, FRSA)
By: V.K. Durham

OPEN LETTER TO: KARL W.B. SCHWARZ in response “HEADS UP” and to Henri the Celt: “Who is Leo Wanta? Meet Leo Wanta! .

Karl. You ask: Who is LEO WANTA?

He is part of the old BUSH-CLINTON-CONTRA “DRUG AND MONEY LAUNDERING GROUP” that found it necessary TO SHOW SOURCE OF COLLATERAL/FUNDS under new International Banking Regulations ..and did a lot FORGERY, FALSE NOTARY and BACK DATING on the “BONUS 3392-181″ COLLATERAL “DEBT” Instruments owned by the DURHAM HOLDING TRUST, Tias 12087 trying to ‘get legitimate’ and ‘make organized crime or R.I.C.O. “Murder Inc. & Murder For Profit “Legal!”

You know..- I was hoping this individual was our Frank Ingram of our old Working Group. Grape vine and ScuttleButt says our Frank Ingram is dead. Taking into consideration that sometimes GrapeVines and ScuttleButt can be ‘in error’.. I stayed the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Wanta..

After being called a “Useful Idiot” by the Hollywood type, PUBLICIST of the LEO WANTA saga i.e., Christopher Story, FRSA.. I have come to the determination AMBASSADOR WANTA is a part of the old “DRUG & MONEY LAUNDERING GROUP” involved with BCCI, Riggs, LaSalle, Riady, Nugan-Hand etc group working with GEORGE SOROS, E.J. and Doris J. Eloise-Ekker (and 21 Alias’s registered in Kern County Cal. Recorders Records) William J. Clinton, GOLDMAN SACHS, CANTOR FITZGERALD, MORGAN STANLEY, ALAN GREENSPAN, NICHOLAS BRADY, and the others such as George H.W. Bush who had his own ‘desk’ at BCCI Bank when he called me back in 1988 for the underwriting of his ‘buddy Saddam Hussein’s agricultural program.’

These individuals still, to this day operate their MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS under the Tias 12087..of the CONTRAS. Don’t let anyone tell you it does not exist, because it does. You can read about it at .LEO WANTA is an old the ‘Psy-Ops Games’.. Lets face it! He just so happened to get his teet in the wringer and cannot show investigators in all these banking investigations, here in the U.S. and Abroad his SOURCE OF FUNDS/COLLATERAL.Being an old pro.. he like the others i.e., COLBY, CASEY, BORDU, LeMAY, HERRMANN (HERRMAN-HERMAN) and even the Engineer from Mexico..TRUSTED the wrong individuals in the White House and GOLDMAN SACHS-FEDERAL RESERVE.

BILL CLINTON and his “Short Term Notes” Rubin as Secretary of the Treasury, formerly of GOLDMAN SACHS allowed the U.S. Federal Corporations of Tias12087 to be incorporated by the AlQaeda Underwriters..and those are the very same individuals involved with the WHITE HOUSE as mentioned in TomFlocco’s Article at .

This AlQaeda Underwriting group came into being under BUSH & CLINTON and the CFR which can be verified in their own PUBLIC NOTICE at
This added fuel to the already dangerous BCCI BANKING GROUP’S FINANCIAL FIRE directed at the Equity Infra Structure of WE the People.

It became a financial nightmare for THE WHITE HOUSE and PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH ‘privatized’ aka SOLD OFF property he had no Constitutional Authority to Sell and you can read about it at
and you can read about who owns SOCIAL SECURITY at .These presidents have committed TREASON..and that is the short and simple of it all!Henry Paulson…if the scuttle-butt is true..has his own problems which should bring in Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Greenspan, Brady, Baker III, Bush(s), Clinton(s), SOROS and even WANTA because the mans hands are not clean, in my opinion..

You can read about Henry Paulson’s Treasury at .In all fairness Karl; I am not impressed with individuals who delight in tearing the GOVERNMENT of WE THE PEOPLE to shreds through the FinancialTerrorism(s) of the Banking of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS, GOLDMAN SACHS, HENRY PAULSON’S, ALAN GREENSPAN’S and etc’s.. Not impressed at all!In furtherance; I believe this LEO WANTA SAGA is a DIVERSIONARY TACTIC to keep the WE the People’s minds off INVASIONS AND THE BORDER INCURSIONS such as are happening in this nation is attacked from WITHIN and WITHOUT. Our Nations sustenance has been ‘eaten’ by those who are intent on causing us grievous harm and possible loss of THE REPUBLICS.

Karl; You know me, and you know: I AM AN AMERICAN FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS there are NO in-betweens!

LEO WANTA’S story does not WASH..not in my book. Too many murders, and too many nations have and are losing their sovereignties over all of this, including THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Our People have been so uneducated they no longer know WE THE PEOPLE are the GOVERNMENT.. The feds are employees of We the People!

The People have become ‘cheering sections’ for ORGANIZED CRIME & MONEY LAUNDERING ..instead of doing what they should be doing, and that is HAVING A HEAD CHECK, CHECKING NAME, RANK AND SERIAL #.. as we used to say.

CHEERING ON “CRIMINAL ACTIVITY” is allowing the WHITE HOUSE to sign into law (color of law) they now have the ability to OPEN YOUR MAILS.. Yet, there are those who swallow this crap hook line and the LEO WANTA’S keep your mind off the fact that YOU ARE UP TO YOUR ASS IN ALLIGATORS!

I really don’t know if the WE the People of the Xth Amendment Governments realize how much POWER they have!

And furthermore; As the Duly Constituted, Outstanding, Primary Creditor of the United States of America and ALL Debtor Nations, I do not appreciate being called one of the “USEFUL IDIOTS” (Christopher Story, FRSA) .

My husband was murdered by these individuals..and if anyone thinks I am a happy camper..THINK AGAIN! .

In my humble opinion: The man and those with whom he is associated and involved are involved in CRIMINAL ACTIVITY called: MONEY LAUNDERING and cannot show SOURCE OF COLLATERAL/FUNDS.

V.K. Durham, CEO
Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087

Greg Szymanski


KOSMIC said...

Washington—March 13, 2007——SPEAKER PELOSI WITHHOLDING 9/11 EVIDENCE INVOLVING BUSH WH—Federal agents have handed over evidence of White House prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks on America to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi which she is withholding from prosecutors according to sources within the government. Democrats have become increasingly disenchanted with Pelosi's willingness to "take the impeachment of the President off the table." Agents say that Pelosi could be guilty of obstruction of justice under 18 United States Code 4 if it can be proven that she knowingly failed to release criminal evidence to proper authorities and federal prosecutors----particularly those U.S. attorneys recently fired by the Bush was told by a U.S. intelligence source that "Pelosi has everything on 9/11." Americans who wish to encourage Mrs. Pelosi to do her job, follow the United States Code of law, and seek accountability and justice regarding 9/11 evidence in her possession may contact her via the following numbers:
Pelosi House office: 202-225-4965 / fax: 202-225-8259
Pelosi Speaker's office: 202-225-0100 / switchboard: 202-224-3121

JohnInFlorida said...

False story. At the time he supposedly made all that money crushing the rubble the rubble was in fact not even a convertible tradable currency. Also the amount he claimed he made was like three times the whole russian gdp for that year.