Tuesday, March 27, 2007


You may not agree with truth patriots or conspiracy nuts on the internet. You may believe all the brain candy coming from the main stream media. But one thing is for sure. Unless you sift through the news reports being released on the internet you are missing 90% of the truth. Even if 90% of news reports on the web are false that's 10% you should be reading. And in my opinion that 10% from the web is the missing 90% from the main stream media. Do you trust the government to inform and give you the truth. If you do then forget the web, you are beyond hope. But if you know there is more to the story than how many drugs Anna Nicole Smith took the day she died, you need to sift through the millions of pages only found on the world wide web. Thankfully there are patriots out there to help you out. On this blog to the right you can find this writers favorite links and most of them offer links to other sites of importance. The example here is a case in point. We have all heard that there was certain activity prior to 911 that was the result of fore knowledge or fore warning to the attack on America. Why? How? When? You see we are not the ones making conclusions. We are just asking the questions. And when those in power run and hide you have to wonder why? That's why the web has become the target of the government and why officials have been discounting the news reports on the internet, I admit you can't believe everything you read. That's true everywhere, not just on the web. But we understand that and because of all the mis information you should always look for verification and sources to reveal the truth behind the reports. Don't trust me. Trust your instincts. Trust the fact that the main stream media wants to keep you in the system. We are here to set you free. To help you disconnect from the system with as little pain as possible. Unfortunately you have been plugged into the system for too long, and there is bound to be some internal conflict in you life, but we know you can do it. Good luck and I'll see you on the other side.

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