Friday, April 27, 2007

Children should not be lab rats for drug company profits

Are Illinois "Teen Screen" Victims setup to die? -- with Medication, Overdoses, Beatings, Emotional & Sexual Assaults & Neglect in Illinois State Care!!!
Criminal Neglect??? -- or Criminal Intent?
It appears the Court has set up these now 11 &14 yr old sisters to die in Illinois State care! State administerd face beating

Why has this State administered child abuse -- as evidenced in this photo -- not been exposed in the Court by her social workers, by her Guardian ad Litem or the contracted Pediatricians! Why not, if the GAL or all of Illinois DCFS really do care about these children! -- children for whom they get paid & claim they protect!

This photo is of tiny Ariela's face with her bruising and swelling after a beating by three loveless, mindlessly brutal Illinois State contracted caregivers -- simply because this child naturally desired and desperately wanted to see and be with her Mom!
Click photo (or here) to see Internal Medical Report & sister's statement.

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