Friday, April 20, 2007

Ed Brown Still holding out for a Miracle.


(Latin miraculum, from mirari, "to wonder")

Whether you are a tax honesty patriot, a protester or an advocate of some constitutional reform, many are watching and waiting to see what happens as Ed and Elaine Brown's sentencing hearing nears. Just days away and a lot closer than the possibility of a Miracle, many followers and Advocates of Ed and Elaine are watching closely to see if federal agents take them by force, invite a surrender or just let the Browns alone. As with the class action law suit in Washington D.C. between We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education and the US Dept of Justice, We the People are quietly waiting to see what happens. Bob Schulz of We The People Foundation has indicated he hopes for a peaceful solution and a positive answer back from the court of appeals. But many like myself are prepared to begin supporting Congressman Ron Paul as a last ditch effort to change the Income Tax laws once and for all before we start to take things in a new direction. That direction could be forcing the government to answer and to change it's unconstitutional behavior by using non peaceful means. More protests are likely and more Americans refusing to pay their so called fair share of the tax on labor "slavery", as well as rushing the capital or other government buildings and forcing a sit down during closed hearings. We are tired of being ignored or being called conspiracy nuts when all we are doing is asking questions in a respectable manner. We are preparing to take this revolution to the next level and that might just be what America needs more than anything else. It's time to get the lazy, good for nothing US Citizens off the couch and show them why they can't ignore the constitution any more. May God help Us.

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