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Down on the Farm

By Bill Price

Any farmer can tell you that their success is in managing. There are all kinds of farms, but success still comes back to managing. On large farms hired hands are used to supervise livestock. Various means are employed, but the usual method for management on animal farms is food control. Animals respond very well to food. We the people are managed, and in that respect we are much like livestock. Who manages us? The people who control our money! Money controls our food, medicine, clothes, cars, houses…you name it. Gain control over creating and distributing money and you will run a successful people farm. But, what if the word gets out? That could be a real problem for maintaining control down on the farm. It can be a delicate operation to keep the secret. A special plan may be needed for keeping things quiet and a reward to match for those that do, like an occasional pat on the head…something like you give your dog for bringing you the newspaper. Speaking of newspapers:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications who have attended our meetings…for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the light of publicity during those years.” David Rockefeller, CFR member 1991

Pharaoh congratulating the Jews for making the pyramids a success would have seemed more sincere. Most people in the media belong to a pathetic group of bootlickers, suck-ups and wannabes. Our world, thanks to them is a mere product of David Rockefeller’s and his ilk’s world plan.

Have you ever asked yourself how possible freedom would be without money? Just think about it for a few seconds.

If you don’t agree that money is fundamental to freedom and independence try exercising your independence without it. Back to reality, an honest system of money is the very foundation to the existence of our republic and its principals of freedom. So convinced of this (money’s critical role in our freedom), our founders blue-printed a formula for it in the main body of our Constitution: “Congress shall have the power to coin money, regulate the value thereof; and of foreign coin…” U.S Constitution Article I § 8 part 5

Fifty years after Article 1 § 8 part 5 was proclaimed, one of our greatest presidents reaffirmed its necessity for remaining free by stating: “If Congress has the right under the Constitution (Article I § 8 part 5) to issue paper money, it was given them to be used by themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or to corporations.” Andrew Jackson

The essence of our lost freedom in the U.S.A: Our elected representatives have made a fatal error that has brought the U.S. to the brink of destruction. Congress, instead of coining/originating money, per the constitution, (a privilege and responsibility mandated for them alone), has unconstitutionally delegated profit motivated private bankers to oversee the financial welfare of U.S citizens. It’s not just coincidental that Nelson Aldrich, chief architect of the1913 Federal Reserve Act, was the father in-law of John D. Rockefeller, David Rockefeller’s grandfather.

The Federal Reserve Bank is a private, for profit lending institution which creates our nation’s money while imposing interest on every “Federal” Reserve note they lend. But, don’t take my word for it; listen to the explanation given by the Federal Reserve:
“That’s right – Banks create money.” (Through a process called “fractional banking) “Suppose for example that somebody borrows $90 and pays a bill with it. Whoever receives the $90 payment is likely to deposit it in another bank which can lend $81. Whoever receives the payment will deposit it in another bank, which will lend $72…” Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Public Information Department, 33 Liberty St., New York, NY.

Private banks, e.g., can create $1,000 from a mere $100 deposit by using the above formula. The banks are creating what they lend, charging interest on what they create. Wow! The potential for profit within the Federal Reserve Bank is not only present, it is virtually limitless.

One of the world’s most powerful and wealthy men, Mayer Rothschild, stated: “Give me the power to issue a nation’s money and I care not who writes its laws.”

A quick lesson

Gold or silver is not money! Money is whatever our Congress coins. If our congress coins silver and gold then those coins are money, but not until. Congress could coin bottletops. If they did, those bottletops bearing the government seal would then be our money. This principal is ancient.

“There would be no society if there were no exchange and no exchange if there were no money… Money (nomisma) by itself is but a mere device. It has value only by law (nomos). The function of money is to measure relationships. We call it “nomisma” because its efficiency is due not to nature but to law (nomos) and because it is the power of government to regulate it”. Aristotle (Book 5 on Justice)

Using gold exclusively is an idea born out of ignorance. It is not possible or practical. Enough gold, above ground, does not exist to operate our economy in the USA. Gold is merely a precious metal, a commodity with fluctuating value like oil. Money is not wealth. Money is a mere demand claim on the real wealth such as, food cars cloths houses farms etc.

Private international bankers have always understood these facts. They have always sought to control the treasuries of the world’s nations, because merely owning all the gold could not achieve their stated plan for the world. Gold was just a tool used by them to jockey into position for manipulating prices in our economy. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 finally accomplished Mayer Rothschild’s goal and effectively placed our nation’s money supply into the hands of private bankers. Do these bankers care about your financial freedom? No! By manipulations, bankers expand and contract prices in our economy, by using new interest bearing loans (credit) to inflate our money supply. Lowering interest rates encourages money creation through borrowing. Prices are driven upward when an equal increase due to the demand in the goods and services have not yet been manufactured (more money chasing fewer goods). Conversely, banks by calling in loans, cancel money out of existence, shrinking the money supply and causing recessions or depressions. Our economic freedoms are the sacrifices continuously required to appease the god of profit. The high priests (international bankers) have developed the freedom killing policies into a science. Current Federal Reserve policies are not only immoral and unconstitutional, they cry out to the one true God for vengeance. Unless we restore America to a sound system of money (interest free, constitutionally created money), we are all destined to a life of slavery down here on the farm.

If truth and honesty are the requisites to a “free” society, then we will have to move forward by eliminating institutions that have nothing in common with those virtues, like the Federal Reserve Bank that cheats every man and woman in this country out of their private property/wages. Tell that to your friends. We have been sold out by our representatives in Congress. The good news is that since Congress violated the constitution when they did it, there is no actual authority for continuing the present system. We must rally around the few left in our government, like Congressman Ron Paul, whose vision has been miraculously preserved. It may be hard for those who have been mesmerized by media magic to understand, but this is our country and we aim to expose and expel the renegades that have hijacked it. The blight that infects our culture has been primarily brought in by the rich and powerful, who consider America as just another barn on their “Animal Farm”.

Bill Price

Freedom to Fascism, an Orwellian Odyssey

“Come writers and critics who prophesize with your pen – keep your eyes open wide this chance won’t come again – and don’t speak too soon for the wheel is still in spin, and there’s no telling who it will be naming …. for the times they are a changing…” Bob Dylan 1964.

Lately some writers and critics have tried to forewarn the middle class of the coming crisis. Pat Buchanan’s effort to sound the alarm against NAFTA, GATT and the WTO, is a recent example. The media conglomerates have shown time and again just how easily they can manage such forays into the public consciousness. The wheel of fate alluded to in Dylan’s song has come to rest. Names have been named, places revealed, dates are now known and the future then, now occupies its place in history.

George Orwell would have been pleased to see this day in America. Orwell’s novels “Animal Farm” and “1984” predicted a state of totalitarianism in the world. Regrettably, Orwell did not live to see the phenomena you are about to witness. The movie “America, Freedom to Fascism” is an expose’ on the Federal Income Tax, the Federal Reserve Banking/system and finally the facts about an international cartel that has been very busy “arranging” your entire future. It is more powerful than anything you have seen. Ironically, these world planners featured in Aaron Russo’s movie, have something in common with George Orwell, their most notable critic. The cartel’s global plan for the middle class, and the title of Mr. Orwell’s most famous book, could very well share the same name, “Animal Farm”

“Animal Farm” released in 1945 was an ominous warning to the world. There was another ominous release that year, the atomic bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima. “Freedom to Fascism” was released in 2006 and with it, something even more powerful than the atomic bomb, the truth.

“Gather round people wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown - so you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone, if to you your time is worth saving, for the times they are a changing…”

Is our time worth saving? Spread the word, by using the most powerful weapon known to man, the truth. Watch and share “America, Freedom to Fascism”.

“Keep your eyes open wide this chance won’t come again…for the times they are a changing...”

This introduction was prepared by Bill Price. The producer and director of “America, Freedom to Fascism”, Aaron Russo does not necessarily endorse the views expressed herein. For additional information on the federal income tax, visit www.article1-taxation.com
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363 tons of cash

Tue Feb 06, 2007 at 06:12:21 PM PDT

The United States loaded 363 tons of cash on palettes and airlifted it to Iraq during the reign of provisional authority L. Paul Bremer.

363 tons of cash. This is getting into territory where it is easier to measure the weight of the money than the amount involved. I mean 363 tons of cash just boggles the mind. One of these transports was the largest cash transfer in the history of the federal reserve. And the sad fact is that this is all money that was sent into a black hole. Fully $8.8 billion can not be accounted for after being given to Iraqi government agencies.

Who was accounting for all this money you might wonder. Why it was a fat slob in a van down by the river!! Chris Farley fans might appreciate the attempt at humor, but the truth actually was not far removed. The only accounting firm hired to keep track of cash flown by the pallet load to Iraq was a CPA so small that it was run from a house in San Diego. That CPA firm, named North Star, no longer exists and never actually ran an audit of the Coalition Provisional Authorities internal spending controls. This firm was payed $1.4 million, for what must be the worst case of accounting ever in the sordid history of human pursuit of filthy lucre.

Mentioning spending control in the same sentence as Coalition Provisional Authority seems inappropriate somehow. We have tales of contractors bringing duffel bags to be loaded with shrink wrapped bills on pay day. Offices in the green zone awash in $100 bills. Money being distributed from the back of pickup trucks. Money paid to repair an elevator in a hospital in Hilla, which was not done, with the elevator failing resulting in 3 people killed. Insurgents stole cash on raids that were never reported. It is all surreal, and disheartening considering the state of affairs in Iraq at this time and the burgeoning budget deficits at home.

Of course we know that the GOP, that political bastion of fiscal responsibility, would have their people calling for a full accounting of this sordid affair, right? Wrong actually. Republicans accused Democrats of reviewing stale news to embarrass the administration.

This actually is embarrassing if one considers that the Republicans were in control of Congress while these events unfolded and positively refused to conduct the oversight so obviously needed at the time. In a way then the Republicans have it right, but saying this only proves the rubberstamp nature of the Congress when Republicans held the power. They refused to take care of an embarrassing situation when it happened and now it is up to Democrats to look back in time and try to sort it out. Maybe if the Republican controlled Congress had seen fit to oversee and take corrective action when this boondoggle was happening, they wouldn't be the minority right now.

UPDATE: There are many fantastic links in the comments. Check out this diary from Nordic written on 08/16/05, Here is a link to footage from the hearing at Nancy Pelosi's Youtube page from green reflex. Courtesy of theyrereal is a link to the PDF Waxman report on funds mismanagement in Iraq. FoundingFatherDAR contrasts the example of this profligate waste with the plight of firefighters in NOLA by linking to MSNBC. Boxcarmike links to an article in the Fiancial Times about some nefarious doings involving Kurdish oil money and Republican bigwigs. Upperwest links to a TPM article showing a strategy of blame Bremer. This is just in the first hour or so after posting this diary...


KOSMIC said...

1 ton = $2,000,000 in $1 bills
1 ton = $200,000,000 in $100 bills

The government moved tons of cash on a c-130.

how many tons. Well I hear a c-130 will carry something like 21 tons of cargo. That's a lot of fucking cash man.

$4,200,000,000 Billions max load

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