Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Who will stand with us, Who will stand with you, Who will stand with them?

The Revolution Has Started: Haman’s Gallows and the Mordecai Element

by Liz Michael
Copyright, 2004, LizMichael.com, www.lizmichael.com
Release date: June 2, 2004

Attention: all you jack booted thugs and various bureaucratic and judicial tyrants. American patriots are going to kill the lot of you.

"How dare she say that", some of you say. Am I some sort of wild-eyed radical? Well, frankly, yes. In the tradition of the greatest President this or any country on earth has ever had, Thomas Jefferson. The tree of liberty, he said, must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Inevitably, you will kill some of us. But don’t fret: it’s our job to supply the blood of tyrants, and we will make sure you are not left out.

And how are the patriots going to kill you? Are they going to do a Timothy McVeigh and blow up your buildings? Are they going to do a "Hitman Online" and assassinate you outside your home in front of your family? Are we going to storm your buildings and shoot you? Are we going to shoot you while you are sitting on the bench?

None of that is ideal. In fact, you would be lucky if it went down that way. Here is how it likely will go down. I call the operation: "Haman’s Gallows".

So you think that we patriots want to destroy that evidence of all your evildoing by blowing up your buildings? Don’t be silly. We want to capture every single shred of evidence of the tyranny intact. So we can indict the participants for corruption and treason. And for little things like "violating the civil rights" of citizens, which by the way, in and of itself, is currently a federal crime that can earn you ten years.

Let’s give an example. Start with the IRS. We probably will. The IRS has kept a thorough record of every taxpayer in the United States. It also has a record of every employee it ever had. And it has a record of every taxpayer it persecuted, and WHO persecuted him. The IRS is in a bad position, because most of what it does is of questionable legality and constitutionality. I mean, instead of a bureaucrat merely "assessing" a penalty for an inaccurate return, the IRS should be required to bring such a matter before a court. In fact, it is required to do so, constitutionally, just like any other creditor is required to do. But it seldom does. Also, since a tax return is required to be signed under penalty of perjury, it should therefore be inadmissible as evidence for anything under the fifth amendment, or contrarily, a citizen should be allowed to not file or not sign, under the guise of fifth amendment protections.

So what’s the big deal? Well, when you do something like that as part of the Mafia, it’s called extortion. But when you do it representing the United States, it is not only called extortion, it is called treason.

Bill Of Rights Enforcement

"As the highest law of the land, the Bill of Rights must be enforced. Any official, appointed or elected at any level of government and guilty of any violation of an individual's rights under the first ten Amendments, must be arrested, tried, and punished. The highest -- the only -- priority of public officials must be to enforce the Bill of Rights, and that's the only criterion by which they should be judged..."

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