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Ron Paul - Not a peep from the media? That's right!

Do your Part. File exempt today and pay your so called fair share on April 15th. Just that is enough to help promote Tax Honesty.

From the May 2007 Idaho Observer:

Clear media conspiracy against Ron Paul

The people are speaking but the mindcontrol media is ignoring them

Brief Overview of Congressman Paul’s Record

He has never voted to raise taxes.

He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.

He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.

He has never voted to raise congressional pay.

He has never taken a government-paid junket.

He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.

He voted against regulating the Internet.

He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the congressional pension program.

He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

By Carl F. Worden

The conspiracy to ignore and marginalize presidential candidate Ron Paul is not a theory. In this case, a jury would have to conclude a conspiracy against Dr. Paul by the mindcontrol media exists.

First, MSNBC reported that Ron Paul scored the highest positive votes in both Republican debates he attended. That means he beat out Romney, McCain and Giuliani. There was no mention of these poll results in the major media.

Dick Morris, political pundit and former Clinton buddy, wrote an opinion piece that appeared in many media publications 5/7/07, in which he claimed John McCain had won the debate, and I could find nowhere in his piece that Ron Paul had even attended.

CNN’s Glenn Beck, an alleged conservative (my fanny) ran a tiny clip on his show that tried to make Ron Paul look like a blithering idiot. He then went on to ask, "How did this guy get in the debate at all?"

Even WorldNetDaily, a prominent, conservative Internet news provider, has largely ignored Ron Paul’s candidacy.

When a candidate wins two debate polls in a row that are reported by the likes of MSNBC on its own web page, that is news, especially since the winner of both polls allegedly had no chance to win the nomination. The media normally jumps on that kind of news, because people in America love underdogs, but not this time.

No, this is a concerted effort.

Please review below what Representative Ron Paul stands for, and far more importantly, what he has done. Among other things, Ron Paul is the only congressmen who got up and demanded Congress declare war before attacking Iraq.

About Ron Paul

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is the leading advocate for freedom in our nation’s capital. As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, Dr. Paul tirelessly works for limited constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. He is known among his congressional colleagues and his constituents for his consistent voting record. Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution. In the words of former Treasury Secretary William Simon, Dr. Paul is the "one exception to the Gang of 535" on Capitol Hill.

Ron Paul was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Gettysburg College and the Duke University School of Medicine, before proudly serving as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force during the 1960s. He and his wife Carol moved to Texas in 1968, where he began his medical practice in Brazoria County. As a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, Dr. Paul has delivered more than 4,000 babies. He and Carol, who reside in Lake Jackson, Texas, are the proud parents of five children and have 17 grandchildren.

While serving in Congress during the late 1970s and early 1980s, Dr. Paul’s limited-government ideals were not popular in Washington. In 1976, he was one of only four Republican congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan for president.

During that time, Congressman Paul served on the House Banking committee, where he was a strong advocate for sound monetary policy and an outspoken critic of the Federal Reserve’s inflationary measures. He was an unwavering advocate of pro-life and pro-family values. Dr. Paul consistently voted to lower or abolish federal taxes, spending and regulation, and used his House seat to actively promote the return of government to its proper constitutional levels. In 1984, he voluntarily relinquished his House seat and returned to his medical practice.

Dr. Paul returned to Congress in 1997 to represent the 14th congressional district of Texas. He presently serves on the House Committee on Financial Services and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. He continues to advocate a dramatic reduction in the size of the federal government and a return to constitutional principles.

Congressman Paul’s consistent voting record prompted one of his congressional colleagues to say, "Ron Paul personifies the Founding Fathers’ ideal of the citizen-statesman. He makes it clear that his principles will never be compromised, and they never are." Another colleague observed, "There are few people in public life who, through thick and thin, rain or shine, stick to their principles. Ron Paul is one of those few."

Ron Paul Wins MSNBC Debate Poll, steps into national spotlight (May 4, 2007 release)

ARLINGTON, VA—Congressman Ron Paul finished first in the MSNBC poll following the GOP primary debate last night held at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Dr. Paul received 43 percent, beating the second-place finisher by five points, and crushing the rest of the field. "Last night, Americans met Ron Paul and loved what they heard," said Ron Paul 2008 campaign chairman Kent Snyder. "Dr. Paul’s message of freedom and limited government resonates with Republicans hungry for a return to their party’s core values."

"Ron Paul is the only true conservative in the GOP race. Americans saw that last night," continued Snyder. "The campaign looks forward to further debates and opportunities so even more Americans will discover Dr. Paul’s message of freedom, peace and prosperity."

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In tabulating the rating window of 72,419 votes May 4, Ron Paul not only had the highest positive rating:

32% Paul

30% Romney

26% Giuliani

21% McCain

14% Huckabee

9% Brownback

9% Tancredo

8% Hunter

8% Thompson

6% Gilmore

...but he also had the lowest negative rating:

29% Paul

35% Romney

37% Huckabee

40% Giuliani

42% McCain

43% Gilmore

43% Hunter

45% Thompson

45% Tancredo

46% Brownback











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War and Taxes: With 40% of IRS Revenue Going to Military, Resisters Prepare to Withhold Taxes to Protest War


Tax day is this Tuesday. The Internal Revenue Service is expected to take in over $2 trillion dollars this year. Nearly 40 percent of that total will go to military related expenses. Tax resisters across the country are planning to withhold part or all of their taxes to protest the war. We speak with Pamela Schwartz of the National Priorities Project and Runn Benn of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee. [includes rush transcript]

With tax day less than a week away, millions of Americans are preparing to send checks to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is expected to take in over two trillion dollars this year. Nearly 40 percent of that total will go to military related expenses. This according to a new report by the National Priorities Project. The research group estimates 27 percent of your federal taxes will be pay for current military spending including the war in Iraq. An additional nine percent will help pay off debt from past wars and military expenses. And another three percent covers benefits for veterans.

While Pentagon spending is reaching the highest levels since World War II, some Americans are personally refusing to fund the military. Tax resisters across the country are planning to withhold part or all of their taxes to protest the war. Two guests join me now to talk more about war and taxes.

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  • Special thanks to Robbie Leppzer and Turning Tide Productions for providing video used in this segment.

Do your Part. File exempt today and pay your so called fair share on April 15th. Just that is enough to help promote Tax Honesty

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