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What does the tax code really say? Where are the “deductions” found? Is there any excluded income or eliminated income? Where is the list of taxable income?

You be the Judge. Watch these short, five-minute videos, about using a computer to search through the U.S. tax code and regulations. Then ask your Congressman and Senator to watch the videos. Ask them... Why is section 861 frivolous?

There is a definite line between taxable and excluded, it's called the Scope.
There is a list.

What is taxed in the Regulations?
The Code of Federal Regulations (26CFR)

VIDEO: According to regulations, What is Taxed?

What is taxed in the Code?
The United States Code (26USC)

VIDEO: According to regulations, What is Taxed?
  1. how to determine taxable income - is only written in the Code of Federal Regulations in Sec. 861
  2. income for purposes of the income tax - is only written in Sec. 861
  3. specific sources - is only written in Sec. 861
  4. eliminated income - is only written in Sec. 861
  5. eliminated items - is only written in Sec. 861
  6. exempt income - is defined in Sec. 861
  7. excluded income - only occurs in 7 regulations [13 times total], and is concentrated in 861.
  8. the rules for allocating “deductions” are only written in Sec. 861. [One of the ways you can find the rules for deductions is to search for “deductions” at the ecfr.]
  9. income that is not considered tax exempt - [the list of taxable income] is only written in Sec. 861
  10. There are too many more to list here.

Congress: If "exempt income" is "defined" in Sec. 861, why is section 861 frivolous?

Watch the videos to see how quick and easy it is to search through the entire tax code on the Government Printing Office website. This same search can be performed on every title of law, and the process can be done in every country that uses codification of law [Konsortialf├╝hrer, der schwindel is over].

Thou shall not stealMany more specific codes and instructions are found exactly in Sec. 861, even "specific guidance".

Why does the tax code contradict what you, the Congress, have been telling us about income tax? This is your responsibility and you can't all be ignorant.

Search the Code and know your rules. Politicians and bureaucrats who tax [steal money] under color of law are criminals.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, nor a defense of your crime.

Thou shall not steal

Thou shall not steal.


Actor Wesley Snipes refuses to be a good slave
"Bring it on."
Snipes vs. Sam

A real-life, action hero who actually knows and plays by the rulebook. Wesley Snipes wants some time in the ring with Uncle Sam.

Actor Wesley Snipes wants his money back.
"I'm not your slave."

Wesley Snipes found out what the tax law really says and now he wants his money back. Snipes believes that his income is not from a taxable source [excluded income] "per Sec. 861."

Mr. Snipes is not alone, many former IRS agents agree.

Update: Eddie Kahn, tax advisor for Wesley Snipes, was kidnapped in Panama, by the FBI in front of his attorneys office. The FBI entered Panama then illegally kidnapped Kahn against the orders of the Panamanian Supreme Court. He was then flown to the United States, reportedly as gunmen held back Panamaniam officials with machine guns while Panamanian officials tried to stop the FBI [evidently, the FBI is not concerned with legalities].

Snipes reportedly returned from filming a movie in Africa to appear on charges. Snipes has become the latest celebrity IRS victim when he made the mistake of acting honestly and following the tax law.

* Mr. Snipes, if you have something to add to this, you can send it to our contact address and we'll publish it here.

Actor Wesley Snipes - Tax Cheat or Tax Pro-Tester? Working title, "Income Tax This"
Starring Wesley Snipes
5 Stars

Based on a true story still in progress. Out of the hundreds of millions of US citizens relatively few of us are brave enough to slap the government trolls [the politicians and bureaucrats] hiding under the bridge, but Snipes is one of those who couldn't resist [actually there are now millions* who refuse to be a part of this con game, you are aware of nothing if you're still listening to Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, Washington Post, New York Times, etc].

Snipes, stars as a man wanted by the United States government for his role in a 'tax scam' that claims his income is "not from a taxable source." Also guest starring IRS special agents, and IRS lawyers.

Here is someone who seems to know the script. Evidently, actor Wesley Snipes has actually read and followed the United States income tax regulations. Perhaps mere opinions were not enough for Mr. Snipes, who wanted to see the law for himself.

Page two of his tax return [at] states that Snipes is specifically citing sec. 861 for a refund, essentially saying that his income is not on the list, of taxable items or sources. It is unclear exactly what Snipes knows about tax regulations, because a tax preparer did his taxes, but he appears to know the truth about the governments tax scam since the claim is right on the money and he signed it.

Could it be that Mr. Snipes, like the countless millions who have actually read the regulations, considers the truth more important than his own personal security and comforts? For Snipes, the story is yet to be written because he has yet to have his day in court since re-filing for a refund.

Wesley Snipes appears to be a real-life action hero, and America seems to have an endless supply. According to another hero, former IRS agent Sherry Jackson [*interviewed in Aaron Russo's documentary film Freedom to Fascism] approximately 67 million Americans don't file an income tax return. It seems that at least a third of the available taxpaying population has the guts to say no to these illegal government trolls.

The IRS now says:

  1. 120 million people are expected to file.
  2. The IRS does not keep count of non-filers.
  3. Relatively few ever face charges for not filing.
    Source: IRS spokesman Robert Marvin

120,000,000 expected to file, but...
067,000,000 don't file

Could it be that less than half [120 - 67 = 53 million], or perhaps one-third of working-age Americans actually file returns [120 + 67 = 187]? In either case, millions of the Americans don't. Why?

What do all these people know? Maybe these people have actually read their income tax rules. The rules are available to everyone at the Government Printing Office website. The government even provides a handy search engine for us to data mine the regulations for our "excluded income" and "eliminated income", and the "income that is not considered tax exempt" [i.e. taxable].

Tax Delinquent Federal Workers In case you think only crazy tax protesters are protesting, take a look at this news report showing that over 382,000 federal employees are not paying their taxes. In total, they owe neary $2 billion.

Notice that one of the highest tax deliquency rates belongs to the Government Printing Office. Evidently, because a GPO job involves publishing our tax laws, many of the GPO employees may be actually reading them and following them.

Apparently, only the politician trolls are unable to follow the law [what should we expect from born liars with dim bulbs].


* Note: There are no 'How-to-Do-Income-Tax' packages, products, or services available at, nor is advertising bought or sold. Nothing is sold here. Items below are merely links to other websites.

Video: Theft by Deception

Theft by Deception
83 min.

5 Stars from

Plenty of graphics and details.

By Larken Rose and Dr. Tom Clayton

America: Freedom to Fascism

5 Stars from

A documentary from Aaron Russo exposing the government's income tax fraud. (Russo made the films Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd, and The Rose with Bette Midler.)

Award winner Russo asks the experts about the income tax. Plenty of interviews, including one with former IRS Chief Counsel and Commissioner Sheldon Cohen, who helped write the Tax Code. Also, interviews with several tax pros, and former IRS agents, who say they are exposing corrupt government politicians and their tax fraud.

Video: America Freedom to Fascism

Videos: including 'The 861 Evidence'

The 861 Evidence
72 min.
5 Stars

By Larken Rose and Dr. Tom Clayton.

Also available at

More at

With Disney even a child could understand.

The Spirit of 1943 - Donald Duck Pays Income Tax
5 min 48 sec. 4.5 Stars

For a long time, the U.S. government operated perfectly fine on the taxes it was receiving, but beginning in 1942 the politicians decided to take everyones money. (Notice they used war as the reason to tax, then continued to tax after the war.) The 'Revenue Service' began by grabbing the money before people received their wages. This is when the modern-day slave system began in the U.S. It required a war to get their slave system operational. The user-friendly-term for the system was called "withholding". Originally, withholding was known as Pay-as-you-go.

"Payday! Payday!"

"Every dollar you spend for something you don't need, is a dollar spent to help the Axis."

A cartoon duck to brainwash them, with the usual prod, the next war.

"What are you going to do? Spend for the Axis, or save for taxes?"

Can't believe that your government would do these things? It's worse than you can imagine.

If you wish to read more, have a look at these reports on The Missing Report. There are links to many subjects.

If you prefer videos, you can watch what your government is doing by visiting, then just search for any kind of evil you can think of. For example, are you aware of what is in your vaccines, or what happens to lab mice after they eat our genetically modified foods?

A good understanding of government evil can be obtained by watching some of Alex Jones' videos. You can order his high-quality videos at his websites and

You can also see Theft by Deception on Google Video

Data-mine the Code, so that you know what you speak.
No tax advice, just digital facts. -

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