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03/29/07 PorcFest 2007 June 18-24th, Gunstock campground

03/11/07 New video of Dave's Silent Protest (video by Lauren :) )

03/07/07 Russell arrested for lack of papers

03/02/07 NH freedom oriented Blogs

02/28/07 New video: Dishonest Abe Hanged

01/17/07 Brown Trial - info about Ed and Elaine Brown's Tax Trial

11/26/06 Please sign this petition to free Lauren Canario

11/10/06 Free Lauren Canario by sending writs of habeas corpus to the government.

11/06/06 2007 Underground Calendar Available - see preview here

10/23/06 Lauren Canario is being held for trial which could take a year.

10/14/06 Alex Jones' Terror Storm movie

10/13/06 Watch Aaron Russo's America: From Freedom to Fascism online now

10/10/06 Free Lauren Rally CT's York Prison, Sunday 10/15 starting at 11 am

09/28/06 Contact info for The Day to send Letters to the Editor to the New London, CT newspaper
09/28/06 Lauren Canario Press Release

09/27/06 Barn-raising for Lauren and Jim this weekend and here's the invite.
09/27/06 Free Lauren Protest Thursday in CT

09/26/06 You can write to Lauren here:
Lauren Canario #334457
c/o York Correctional Institution
201 West Main Street
Niantic, CT 06357
09/26/06 Eminent Domain Poetry

09/25/06 Lauren will be imprisoned in CT until Oct. 23rd
09/25/06 Video from Lauren's arrest 1 year ago

09/24/06 Video of Lauren's Arrest
09/24/06 Porcupine baby photos
09/24/06 Silent Demonstrations

09/23/06 Lauren Canario arrested while protecting private property. Rally today at noon in New London

09/21/06 Silent Demonstration Friday 9/22

09/13/06 Read about Dave's efforts to get the IRS Out of NH

09/12/06 New porcupine Avery Winters was born yesterday!

09/11/06 LSF Newsletter (pdf file)

09/05/06 Copwatch

09/02/06 Freedom to backpack

08/23/06 Tilting at Windmills project

08/21/06 How to travel by plane in style video

08/19/06 Free State Project litter pick-up today

08/17/06 Russell is free!

08/17/06 Russell's sentencing hearing is today, 10am, Federal Mafia Facility, 55 Pleasant St. in Concord.

07/31/06 Russell is being held until September 6th at Strafford County Jail. You can write or call:
Russell Kanning
c/o Strafford County House of Corrections

07/31/06 The flyer Russell was arrested for. (pdf)

07/02/06 Urging NH independence, Republic Of New Hampshire unveils new website

06/06/06 Shorty Dawkins Jamboree June 19th-24th, Rogers Campground in Lancaster
06/06/06 Free State Project Porcupine Festival June 23rd-July 1st, Rogers Campground in Lancaster

05/26/06 Free Speech Trial: Manchester District Court, June 1st, 8:15 am

05/22/06 Video of the Police State

05/02/06 Kat Dillon wins "Women of Distinction" award, featured in New Hampshire Magazine for her activism!

04/29/06 Photos from Constitution Funeral Noon today, Central Square in Keene

04/27/06 No National ID Rally Video

04/19/06 Why Not RealID?, Page 2 - Flyer from CNHT

04/14/06 Granite State ID formed to combat Real ID

04/11/06 Free State Blogging Pledge

04/05/06 CATO/ACLU Real ID forum Concord Apr. 6 12:30

03/31/06 Anti-Real ID Rally April 22nd

03/27/06 Battle against Real ID in NH

03/26/06 Arron Russo/We the People movie today 1:00 Londonderry

02/26/06 The Free State Observer started up today. Good info for those out of state who want to keep up with events and get a feel for life amoungst "the irate, tireless minority."

02/13/06 Liberty Letter-to-the-Editor Pledge

02/11/06 Snowball Raid on Federal Building

02/08/06 Russell and Kat Arrest

02/07/06 Eminent Domain Protest 8:15 am 02/08/06, Radisson in Manchester

01/31/06 Candid World film about the NH freedom movement

01/28/06 Talk to Us contact list for questions about NH or the Free State Project

01/13/06 Underground Videos - new page

01/08/06 Snow Porcupine Contest!

01/06/06 Second Annual UN Flag Burn Video!

01/04/06 Anti Gun Confiscation Bill

01/01/06 2005 Year in Review — What happened on the Underground last year

12/23/05 2006 NHUnderground Calendar for sale!

12/21/05 Both the FSP and NH Underground are nominated for Freedom Organization of the Year. Vote in the poll!

12/18/05 Second Annual UN Flag Burn noon (Photos)

12/14/05 Eminent Domain Seminar in Manchester 02/08/06

12/03/05 Londonderry Property Rights Rally 3:00pm (Pictures)

11/26/05 Let Me Call you Home — Salem Observer Article
11/26/05 Freedom Friends Tuath information

11/23/05 The real meaning of Thanksgiving

11/22/05 Social Security Card Burn: The Movie
11/22/05 Webcam added in New London, CT

11/21/05 Consumers fuming about controversial 'spychip' technology at Wal-Mart - Anti-RFID Protest in Amherst on Friday, Nov. 25, at noon
11/21/05 Comparing TN and NH

11/20/05 Freedom Friends Tuath is founded!

11/17/05 Denis Goddard's footage of Dave Ridley open carry incident
11/17/05 Roger Grant's footage of the same

11/16/05 Porcupine Raffle to benefit the Liberty Scholarship Fund

11/15/05 WKXL Story on SS card burn

11/13/05 WKXL Interview with Russell

11/12/05 Photos from Social Security Card Burn

11/05/05 The NH CASPIAN Anti-RFID protest at Wal-Mart is a success!

11/04/05 Book reading, Light of Alexandria Keene Public Library, Thurs. Dec. 8 at 7pm, Kay Fox room

11/04/05 Liberty Conspiracy launched!

10/31/05 RFID Protest: 3-4:30pm Saturday at the Wal-Mart in Bedford

10/30/05 Gun Owners Challenging Police in NH

10/27/05 SS Card Burn in Concord 11/12/05 @ noon

10/25/05 Eminent Domain Gone Wild in NH
10/25/05 Keene Free Press started

10/16/05 Martial Law Stops at the NH Border
10/16/05 Mock Trial for George Bush

10/15/05 First ever PorcFest Video!!

10/06/05 The Free State Turns Two article in The Wire
10/06/05 198 Methods of Non-Violent Action (download)

10/04/05 Lauren Canario is convicted of "Disturbing the Peace", sentenced to time served, and released this afternoon after 15 days in prison.

10/02/05 Rally in New London .......... NLDC website here lol

09/29/05 New London Press Conference about Eminent Domain and Lauren Canario from Fox 61 News.
09/29/05 website (currently has details about 10/2 Free Lauren Canario Rally)

09/28/05 Lauren to spend 9 more days in jail!!!
09/28/05 A rally in support of Lauren will be at Fort Trumbull in New London, CT on Sunday at 1pm.

09/26/05 Kelo Report from 09/25/05
09/26/05 Lauren's husband called. Good news! Lauren can now receive mail! Please write her something nice and send it here:

York Correctional Institution
Prisoner 334457 - Lauren Canario
201 West Main Street
Niantic, CT 06357

09/25/05 Fox 61 video 09/19/05 rally and cancelled meeting
Fox 61 video from the New London meeting 09/20/05

09/24/05 Rally for Lauren Canario 9/25

09/22/05 Lauren Canario Arrest — She's now being held for trespassing, refusal to be fingerprinted, and interfering with police. She is even refusing to walk or speak in court!

09/21/05 FEMA protest at Fed building in Concord NH 6-8pm

09/19/05 Lauren Canario has been arrested in New London!!! - Lauren, a member of the NH Underground, was arrested in New London, CT tonight after being refused entry, along with many others, to a public New London Development Corporation meeting! The Day article

09/14/05 The Life of Freedom

09/12/05 Petition to avoid the rape of New Orleans in New Hampshire

09/10/05 FEMA by Sheila Samples

09/01/05 Jim Perry heads south to help with hurricane relief!

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