Thursday, July 5, 2007

What would Jesus Tax. Click here to read the rest.

What of Illegal Aliens? It depends. Are they here to escape evil and to support their families and God and Our America, or are they here to take advantage, to steal and rape and destroy what America has Built. If you want reform, that is the question you must make these children of God answer. And if they are truly children of God, Keep them and keep them safe and make them Americans ahead of the line because they have traveled a dangerous path to be here, but if Not then Throw them back, get rid of them so we can make room for those who believe in freedom and who are a part of our America. Make those who are willing to sacrifice and bleed to support God's children a part of this great land, But stop and defend against those who would have us die for their own sake. America is about those people who sacrifice for God, It is not about giving in to terrorists. Even if they live and work in Washington. It's time to decide. America must make a stand and stop the human slavery and control our own government comes up with as a solution to every problem. We must decide what WE want and then force the congress to act. Not the other way around.

Who Would Jesus Tax? Data mining the Bible

Jesus and the Bible *Ten translations of the Bible were searched, or 'data mined', with a computer for the terms: tax; taxes; tax collector; toll; custom; impose; tribute; and probably a few other terms now forgotten, in order to write this. This webpage is approximately 23 pages long.

[Just keep in mind... the question is "Who Would Jesus Tax?"... Not Paul, or Peter, or anyone else. We are only data mining what Jesus said, taught, and did, regarding taxes. Also keep in mind, how a group of people manages to pay for social services is a separate issue from what Jesus actually said, or even what is actually written in a country's tax code.]

"I praise You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and intelligent and have revealed them to infants." - Matthew 11:25

Who would Jesus tax? If you go to your local law library, you will find Bibles on the shelf. Why? They seem oddly out of place considering the effort to separate church and state. Perhaps, Bibles are found in the law library because of the important laws they contain, God's laws, for example, "Thou shall not kill" and "Thou shall not steal".

What about God's son, Jesus, what did he have to say? What did he do? And, what's this we hear about Jesus and taxes?

Why should anyone care who Jesus would tax? Because...

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