Friday, August 31, 2007

To: (Senator, Representative, President, etc.)

This letter is lawful notification to you, pursuant to The Bill of Rights of
the National Constitution, in particular, the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth
and Ninth Amendments, and The Bill of Rights of the New Mexico Constitution,
in particular, Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 17 and 18, and pursuant to your
oath, and requires your written response to me specific to the subject
matter. Your failure to respond, within 30 days, as stipulated, and rebut,
with particularity, everything in this letter with which you disagree is
your lawful, legal and binding agreement with and admission to the fact that
everything in this letter is true, correct, legal, lawful and binding upon
you, in any court, anywhere in America, without your protest or objection or
that of those who represent you. Your silence is your acquiescence. See:
Connally v. General Construction Co., 269 U.S. 385, 391. Notification of
legal responsibility is "the first essential of due process of law." Also,
see: U.S. v. Tweel, 550 F. 2d. 297. "Silence can only be equated with fraud
where there is a legal or moral duty to speak or where an inquiry left
unanswered would be intentionally misleading."

Active treason, sedition, and insurrection occur daily in the house, senate,
administration and courts of this Nation. You, sir (madam), pursuant to your
oath, have apparently done absolutely nothing about these heinous crimes,
and in fact, aid and abet them. Those who commit this treason are known by
their actions and not by their words. In the recent so-called election, when
American Citizens cannot trust the results because they cannot trust a word
stated by public officers of their own government, the overwhelming voice of
the American People was raised in opposition to the evil government which
currently controls this Nation, with full support from you and your cronies,
no matter how much you or they may object.

Congress is the only governmental branch to which the People, by and through
the Constitution of the united States of America, have delegated legislative
authority. See: Article I, Section 1. However, the executive and judicial
branches assume authority not granted in the Constitution and create "law"
which is totally unconstitutional and, thus, not binding upon Sovereign
American Citizens. Of course, this fraudulent and deceptive evil government
has convinced the People that they are "U.S. citizens" and not American
Citizens. You apparently have done absolutely nothing to correct this
deception, promulgated by and for that government and those who manipulate
it behind the scene who pay you to keep your silence. If, in fact, you know
the truth and do not reveal it to the People, then, you keep silent for the
money, power and position and you perpetrate fraud and actively participate
in the treason.

All laws created by congress for American Citizens must be Constitutionally
compliant and specific to the Bill of Rights. No laws passed by congress can
supersede Rights guaranteed in the Constitution. A law must be valid to
exist and must exist to be enforced - yet the vast majority of "laws"
congress passes act directly in opposition and contradiction to the
Constitution, the very document to which members of congress have sworn
oaths to protect and uphold, including you. This government enforces invalid
"laws" and "laws" which do not even exist to the detriment of the Citizens
of America. It would appear that you have some intelligence and common
sense, yet, by your actions, it appears that you consistently aid and abet
the sedition, insurrection and treason rampant throughout this renegade
government, in dereliction of your duties to the Public Trust and in abject
perjury of your oath. Although it appears obvious, the question is "Why?"

One example of this is the recent "Military Commissions Act of 2006", which
is an absolutely blatant affront to the Constitution, to the People of this
Nation, to the principles upon which America theoretically stands and to the
world. This Machiavellian piece of evil endangers American Citizens and all
"suspected enemies" of this government, not of this Nation. There is a world
of difference between the evil government whom you serve and the Nation,
which is properly the good People of America, whose interests you are
elected to serve. There is nothing specifically stated in this piece of evil
that exempts American Citizens from the effects of this barbarous bill, for
which you (voted) (did not vote). (Because of your vote for this sinister,
unconstitutional bill, you confirm your treason by your vote and your
actions.) (Since you did not vote for this bill, you have confirmed, in one
small part, your duty to the Public Trust and to the Constitution, but you
have not vociferously opposed this treason, on the floor of the (house)
(senate), nor have you publicly warned the American People of this treachery
imposed upon them under color of law and the ubiquitous use and abuse of the
fear of "terrorism". As Sovereign American Citizens, we have the duty to
oppose all enemies of this Nation, foreign and DOMESTIC. The actions of our
so-called public servants clearly demonstrate that they are, in fact,

The only ones who are "theoretically" exempt are "citizens of the United
States", who are not in the same classification as American Citizens. The
former are under the jurisdiction of the U.S. government, which is
purportedly the servant of the People; the latter are under the jurisdiction
of the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land and the highest
authority in this Nation. Due to your intelligence and common sense, you
KNOW that there is a major difference; yet, you say nothing about this fraud
perpetrated daily and deliberately upon the People to their political and
financial detriment, which you actively support.

The bill allows the dictator and his entourage to declare anyone an "enemy
combatant", and just as they made up this term, they make up the "rules" as
they go along. This dictator has even reportedly called OUR Constitution
"...just a goddamned piece of paper." Apparently, pursuant to your oath and
your duties to the Public Trust, you failed to investigate this disparaging
and shocking statement by this traitorous fool, masquerading as president of
this great Nation, or take any action against it. "Anyone" means any one,
and that any one could mean any member of your family or any American
Citizen who speaks his conscience, which speech is guaranteed in the
Constitution, specifically the First Amendment, or those loyal Americans who
rightfully support and treasure the Supreme Law of the Land, for which
millions of brave American servicemen and women have given their lives -
their very last full measure of devotion - in their misguided belief that
they were protecting and supporting this Constitution for the Rights of ALL
Americans when, in fact, their devotion was manipulated and they were
actually aiding and abetting the war machine to the great benefit of the
evil elite which controls this Nation and which apparently you support and
serve, without question or comment. You are a disgraceful insult to those
brave Americans, to this Nation and to humanity. Face it, fool. You serve
evil, each and every day of your life.

The very concept of this bill defies all for which America stands. We are
supposed to be the "shining beacon" and the "bastion of freedom" for the
world, yet, we, as a Nation, condone and conduct torture, as a custom,
practice and usual business policy of this government, and this
long-standing torture has now been "legalized" by and through this
unconstitutional, evil bill. Surely, you have heard of Marbury vs. Madison.
The piece of treason passed by this do-nothing, miserable excuse for a
congress, which Bush signed and which you (supported) (did not support), is
entirely null and void and without lawful force or effect, whatsoever, upon
American Citizens. However, this government has become a Nazi-type
government, with your full support, so that now, in America, if one does not
know and claim his Rights, he has none. This, of course, is done with your
full cooperation and endorsement, either by your actions and/or your

The fraud that America is, now is being recognized by the vast majority of
American Citizens, who are apparently awakening from their imposed slumber
and slavery perpetrated upon them by this evil government, which you serve
and by whom you are handsomely paid for your silence and your complicity.
The tragedy of 911 was a very serious blow to Americans and an absolute
crime committed upon those unfortunate people who died in New York on that
terrible day and for their families. As America begins to awaken from its
long imposed stupor by the shock resultant from such a treacherous and
unfathomable act, as well as from the disgusting, blatant display of
corruption, greed and inefficiency demonstrated by this congress and this
administration, the vast majority of Americans now believe that their "own"
government was involved in or actually perpetrated the 911 tragedy to
advance the hidden and perfidious agenda of the Plan for the New American
Century (PNAC) and to "justify" the U.S. government's unwarranted invasion
of two sovereign nations, Afghanistan and Iraq for the benefit of the
wealthy elite, whom you serve and whom the president so snidely calls "his

You, of course, in your position, must be aware of the sentiment in this
Nation. On the surface, the very idea that any government would betray and
murder its own Citizens sounds ridiculous and incredible, but the U.S.
government has lied to the American People consistently and constantly
virtually from its very inception. Anyone who believes a perpetual liar is a
fool, and the vast majority of Americans are quickly learning that they have
been the fools, manipulated and deceived by the very government which is
supposed to serve their best interests and uphold their Rights. What a
tragic farce, which, of course, you openly support, by your silence.

One only has to take a look at the Gulf of Tonkin and the fraud surrounding
that; "Operation Northwoods" and the fraud surrounding that; the "Red
Menace" in Korea and the fraud surrounding that; Pearl Harbor and the fraud
surrounding that; The Lusitanian and the fraud surrounding that; The Maine
and the fraud surrounding that; the lies used to predicate the Civil War and
the enormous fraud surrounding that; the 14th Amendment and the enormous
fraud surrounding that, and the numerous frauds extending back to the
American Revolution and the gigantic fraud surrounding that revolution, to
understand how these manipulations, deceptions, frauds, and unconscionable
murders of our own Citizens take place, as a custom, practice and normal
business operation of this evil de facto, corporate U.S. government, which
operates for its own purpose, its own power, absolute control of the
American People, and for its sinister commercial purposes on behalf of the
hidden masters, whom you serve. War serves only evil and provides huge
profit for the war mongers, one of whom is you, in collusion and conspiracy
with all other government officials, minus a few who make it look good. Take
the profit out of war and see how many wars we would have. Put yourself,
your own kids and grandkids in the war and see how many wars we would have.

Gargantuan fraudulent and extremely profitable businesses have been built up
because of the murderous fraud committed by this government on 9/11/01, and
their unholy profits continue to mount as they serve the interests of this
evil government and its evil controllers, at the expense of and to the
detriment of the freedom of the American People. To have this enormous,
fraudulent security interest serving private purposes, built upon the fraud
committed by our own government on 911, undermines the very foundation of
this Nation and robs America of its precious inheritance, wrought under
grave threat for their lives and safety, by our brave founding fathers. What
do you think they would think of the fraud that America has become under
your watch? It does not take a genius to see what has been going on for a
long time in this country. In short, "Problem/Reaction/Solution" seems to be
the way of this government to advance and perpetrate unbridled hegemony,
political, economic and social control over most of the countries of this
world, and gigantic commercial gain for the handful of master-elites, whom
you serve. The major insult and fraud is that these security interests have
arisen from the fraud perpetrated on 911 by the U.S. government, of whom you
are a member, and you say nothing about it.

Even though the last two national elections were total frauds, which the
American People are beginning to understand, this last election, which also,
based upon the last two elections, may have been manipulated, was not
manipulated enough to silence the voice of the People who spoke out in
opposition to this government, on all levels. Now is your time to become a
"shining hero" to the American People and reverse the treason which has been
an active part of the U.S. government for the past six years, and
long-standing, though less obviously, prior to that, for the past two
centuries. Either you are part of the solution or you are part of the
problem. You either serve the fraudulent corporate government and its hidden
controllers, or you serve the People, under the Constitution of the United
States of America. You will be known by your actions and not your words. It
is your choice, stand up for your country, pursuant to your sworn oath, or
stand in treason. We await your actions, not your words.

If you disagree with anything in this letter, then rebut that with which you
disagree, in writing, with particularity, to me, within 30 days of this
letter's date, and support your disagreement with evidence, fact and law.
Your failure to respond, as stipulated, is your agreement with and admission
to the fact that everything in this letter is true, correct, legal, lawful,
and is your irrevocable agreement attesting to this, fully binding upon you,
in any court in America, without your protest or objection or that of those
who represent you.

All Rights Reserved,


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