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1776: Remember what that date was all about?
We The People
We The People
Provided by: Jan Jackson

Contributed by: Jan Jackson on 9/2/2007

"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants" (written by Thomas Jefferson to William Smith in a 1787 letter).


Thomas Jefferson is one of our more well-remembered Founding Fathers who also drafted our Declaration of Independence (1776).

Please read the following, and then if you need more information, go to the url I have provided for that purpose. Such things, and worse, appear to be happening to We The People in every state in these United States these days.

After you read the excerpts below, please think about this question: Is it time to remember why the year 1776 is so important in our country's history of freedom and liberty? If you come to the conclusion, as I have, that it is, then you will probably also arrive at the logical conclusion that it also is not only our right, but our duty, to "throw off such government, and to provide new guards" for our freedoms and liberties -- without bloodshed, this time, if we can.

A lot of concerned Coloradans will try to begin that bloodlesschange-in-the-way-we-are-governed process in 2008 by placing their petition to repeal CCIOA (homeowner associations and common interest communities laws) on the 2008 ballot for all intelligent and rational we-the-people voters to decide.


"On August the 8th, 2007, two women, including Rae Copitka and Loma Wharton stood before the Douglas County Commission in Roseburg, Oregon, and accused Douglas County employees and officials of committing felonies."

These two women said that "the County Clerk, the Recorder, the Sheriff, and the Commissioners all were parties to the commission of multiple felonies..."

The alleged felonies were "that of 'conversion' and 'counterfeiting securities' by recording worthless pieces of paper and recording those documents as though they were real."

"These two community-minded women launched an attack upon the County's mishandling of the IRS 'Notices of Federal Tax Lien.' The County Recorder, who works for the Clerk, has for years recorded the notices as though they constituted actual liens."

"The ladies did considerable research and organization of the data before placing their information before the Douglas County Commissioners."

A summary of these alleged felonies are:

"1. An unidentified IRS employee sends via U.S. Mail a "Notice of Federal Lien" bearing no wet-ink signature or penalty-of-perjury certification statement to the County Recorder (hereinafter "Clerk"),

2. Neither the Clerk demands nor the IRS employee offers proof that:
a. Any valid lien existed for which the IRS employee sent notice, or
b. Any senior U.S. Treasury Department official authorized the IRS employee actually to enforce the collection of taxes,

3. The Clerk stamps a serial number upon the notice, thereby making into a security,

4. The Clerk stamps a seal of office upon the notice,

5. The Clerk records the "Notice of Federal Lien" in the official public records of the county,

6. The Clerk places the notice into the system of records reserved for liens. This effectively creates a lien out of thin air, and ruins the victim's credit rating,

7. The IRS employee purchases a copy of the lien index and uses that as the basis for issuing a Notice of Levy against the property,

8. The IRS employee issues the Notice of Levy and uses it to initiate a process that results in the forced sale of the property,

9. The lien and levy encumber the property with an IRS claim of right which the Clerks makes no effort to substantiate. Until the IRS releases the lien, the victim-owner cannot sell the property because the buyer cannot obtain a title insurance policy and therefore no bank will take a mortgage or loan money on the property,

10. The IRS gets the all money from the sale, and the erstwhile owner gets nothing."

According to the information the ladies placed before the commissioners:

1. No actual lien exists from which the IRS employee sends notice,

2. No IRS Assessment Officer created the summary record of assessment which provides the basis for the lien as required by law, *

3. No IRS Assessment Officer signs the assessment certificate under penalty of perjury as required by law, **

4. The Clerk and the IRS employee conspire fraudulently to concert a worthless notice of Federal Lien into a lien,

5. The Clerk thereby creates a negotiable security which the party secured my use as the basis to sell or foreclose upon the associated real property,

6. The process creates a counterfeit security and constitutes fraud, extortion and racketeering."

This means, according to the author of this article, that "the States have entered into an unholy alliance with the IRS by requiring the Counties to record into a system of records reserved for liens, Notices of Federal Liens, that are not liens, as though they were liens. That no lien, no summary record of assessment and affidavit in support of a summary record of assessment exists. The State and the County employees and officials are perpetrating felonious acts for the benefit of the IRS."

And that, "in this process, the Clerk, the Recorder, the Sheriff, along with any and all official office holders and policy makers, who are, with knowledge, guilty of a multitude of felony crimes [such as] Counterfeiting Securities, fraud, extortion, racketeering, official misconduct, falsifying documents, abuse of seal, are just a few of the felonies being committed against the citizens of each and every county in each and every state in the Union."

Also that, "Both criminal and civil damage that has been done to property owners for decades. Subsequently, all of the officeholders and policy makers who have had a hand I this "conversion" are subject to both criminal prosecution and civil suits. There would be no immunity for damages done in the perpetration of a crime carried out by an office holder or policy maker.

The author of this article asks, "How many homes have been seized and sold via this process? How many lives have been destroyed by this process? How many families have been broken apart by this process? How many suicides have been brought about by this process?"

For more information, go to:




choose the 08/08/2007 10:00AM meeting and then hit the "MEDIA PLAYER" You then might want to fast forward to approximately the 7 minute 45 second time-marker and hold on. This is a valiant presentation and notice to that county that the commissioners, attorney, clerk and others are counterfeiting securities, and other felonious crimes.

Also go to:


to read about the Douglas County Commissioners Meeting follow up from the prior Notice of Lien Filing (fraud) meeting. Then click on


to read the latest meeting dated 8/29/07. "Choose the 08/29/2007 meeting and then hit the "MEDIA PLAYER," you then advance to 23:12 and see Rae call the commission on its political rhetoric and Loma asks if the commission is profiting from the counterfeit securities. A gentlemen asks how it is the state of Oregon is trying to collect on the same tax debt that the Federal District Court has stated that he owes nothing."

"WARNING: www.co.douglas.or.us has had so much demand for the tax lien presentation that its server has shut down several times."

For more information contact Jeff Sedgwick and go to the following url:



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