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Former Minnesota State Supreme Court Chief Justice Resigned Amid Allegations of Corruption.

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By David M. Wevley

Former Minnesota State Supreme Court Chief Justice, Kathleen Blatz, who had announced her resignation from the State Supreme Court, in late September of 2005 and since then has left office in January of 2006, left her position claiming that she wanted to be a private citizen. However, there appears to be an ulterior motive for her leaving the bench due to allegations of corruption involving the Minnesota State Supreme Court. A private citizen named David M. Wevley, who had written, directed and produced a Public Access Television Program called, “Exposing Judicial Bias & Corruption, Minnesota State Supreme Court; A Hive of Corruption.” in which Mr. Wevley exposes and produces documentation that indicated that he was the victim of scam by his own attorney, who he had hired to handle a minor civil matter. Mr. Wevley caught his attorney mishandling his case during a court proceeding before presiding Hennepin County District Judge, Deborah Hedlund in November of 1996. Mr. Wevley had stopped the proceeding to “WARN” Judge Hedlund of this fact. Judge Hedlund had allowed the proceeding to continue based on the promise of Mr. Wevley’s attorney to correct his mistakes. However, Mr. Wevley’s attorney did not follow through on his promise, thus he had deceived Judge Hedlund. Evidence later surfaced that indicated that Mr. Wevley’s attorney may have accepted a “bribe” from the opposition as payment for his mishandle of the case. Judge Hedlund later found out about these allegations against Mr. Wevley’s attorney, but refused to report him due to the fact that she just too ashamed and embarrassed that she had been “duped”, plus she indicated that she did not wish to ruin Mr. Wevley attorney’s career.

Officials from the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility were also notified, but once their office learned of the fact that Mr. Wevley had stopped the court proceedings to warn Judge Hedlund about his attorney mishandling the case. Their investigation stopped and a cover up pursued in order to protect Judge Hedlund. Mr. Wevley, who appears to be the victims of several crimes including US Code Violation and Civil Rights Violation, was not even allowed to make a proper statement against his attorney. Information that had been pasted on verbally had been ignored as well as key documents removed from the attorney’s case file. In the end, Mr. Wevley’s attorney was admonished for lack of diligence, competence and communication, and was not charged with any criminal conduct.

Mr. Wevley, a former US Army Military Policeman, conducted his own private investigation and was able to obtain evidence as well as documentation supporting his claims that the Office Of Lawyers Professional Responsibility had falsified a report and engaged in a cover up. This evidence was given to the local Federal Bureau of Investigations in Minneapolis, MN, who refused to conduct any investigation. A representative from the FBI had informed Mr. Wevley that this type of cover up and corruption is common practice, and that officials from the Minnesota State Supreme Court just ignore the problem. The Minnesota State Supreme Court oversee the overall operation of the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility, and that this responsibility falls on the shoulder of Chief Justice Blatz.

Also, officials from the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards, have refused to address Judge Hedlund’s conduct as well as the conduct of a Ramsey County District Court Judge, James Dickinson, who had fined and threaten Mr. Wevley, during a court proceeding in June of 2000. Mr. Wevley, who was trying to report a crime during a civil proceeding, had produced evidence of criminal wrongdoing against his former attorney as well as exposed the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility’s cover up. Judge Dickinson threw out this evidence and threaten Mr. Wevley that he were to continue with this investigation, he would suffer “consequences”.

This information was then pasted onto Minnesota Attorney General’s Office and Mike Hatch, who later in a letter indicated to Mr. Wevley that he should contact Ms. Blatz personally. Mr. Wevley, through a letter and package, provide her with the same info that had been given to MN Attorney General, Mike Hatch. However, Chief Justice Blatz ignored this report and pasted it onto a low ranking official who would not even conduct any type of investigation.

Out of frustration, Mr.Wevley produced this Public Access Television Program that was aired on Minneapolis Television Network, (MTN) in September of 2005, in which Mr. Wevley states his experience and produced evidence of criminal wrongdoing by his former attorney, Judge Hedlund violation of her Oath of Office as well as Judge Dickinson. Also, Mr. Wevley was able to demonstrate this cover up by the Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility and the Minnesota Board on Judicial Standards.

A copy of this program was sent to the Minnesota State Supreme Court and Chief Justice Blatz, in late August of 2005. Shortly, after Mr. Wevley’s Program was aired on MTN, Chief Justice Blatz announced her resignation from the Bench. Officials and Chief Justice Blatz returned Mr. Wevley’s program with no comment.

Currently, Mr. Wevley had sent a copy of this television program to the Office of the Governor, and Governor Tim Pawlenty. To date, officials from the Governor’s Office have refused to comment.

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