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Ron Paul and Tax Terrorism

Dr. Paul wants to go directly for the jugular of the REAL terrorists in America - the IRS and the Federal Reserve!
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ter·ror·ism Pronunciation Key - [ter-uh-riz-uhm] The Dreaded IRSThe Dreaded IRS
–noun 1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
Source: Unabridged (v 1.1)
Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.

The IRS is, by fundamental dictionary definition, a terrorist organization. We are presently in the middle of what radio show host Dave Champion likes to call the annual "Tax Terrorism" season, that span of time from January 1st through the April 15th witching hour when tax returns are due. "Terrorism" is a very apt description because the operation and success of the IRS are based almost entirely on fear.A SWAT Team - courtesy Wikipedia

Every year at this time, the IRS ramps up its "enforcement actions" and employs its propaganda arm -- the press and especially such mouthpieces as the notoriously biased "reporter" David Cay Johnston of the New York Times -- to particularly publicize trials where "tax protesters" are convicted by juries, rather than tremendous wins against the IRS like that of attorney Tom Cryer. One partial success not long ago was this recent article about Wesley Snipes. Such propaganda has been so effective that Mr. Johnston has been called "the de facto chief tax enforcement officer of the United States."

Make no mistake about it: the IRS has repeatedly proven its ruthlessness. Abuses by the IRS have been widely publicized, recently very notably in the documentary film "America - Freedom To Fascism" by the late Aaron Russo.

If you can momentarily divorce yourself from the question of whether or not an income tax is legitimate, do you relish living in a country where disagreement over one's tax liability frequently results in the utter destruction of homes and families? Should an agency of the government have that kind of power? A reader of my last article reported this:

"I have seen the face of evil. I made the decision years ago that I was not Taxpayer, as defined by the 16th Amendment and IRS Codes. I have a very large Tax Lien on myself, my wife and our family home. Soon, the IRS will steal and swindle me out of this property. I have even attempted an Offer in Compromise.......all rejected. They DO NOT care. The IRS is EXACTLY like Al Capone's enforcers..... no difference, except they enforce in behalf of the Federal Reserve."

Another reader wrote:

"I worked for the IRS. The ugly truth is that Income tax organs will ALWAYS be tyrannical and inefficient and the prime nexus of corruption, and dear God, you people have no idea how corrupt some of the IRS is."

Why do YOU file and pay income taxes? Is it really just your cheerful "voluntary compliance" -- a term the IRS loves to untruthfully bandy about? Or are you simply afraid - afraid that the IRS will apply the overwhelming force of its considerable resources to punish you if you fail to "volunteer?" Whose Money Is It Anyway?Professing themselves to be "tough on terrorism," all but one presidential candidate has ignored this singular form of domestic terrorism that strikes fear into the heart of every American every year.

As a presidential candidate, Dr. Paul has done us all the great service of bringing the issue of the income tax into the realm of public awareness and debate. While Hillary and Obama have never met a tax they didn't like, Dr. Paul's remaining Republican opponents give feeble lip service to tax reduction, going as far (in the case of Mike Huckabee) as mouthing the words "eliminate the IRS." Huckabee is of course speaking of the so-called "Fair Tax," another disaster if there ever was one. Ron Paul, on the other hand, has spoken boldly of eliminating the income tax and replacing it with nothing.

Ron Paul clearly understands that the very idea of an "income tax" is not at all compatible with liberty in a free society. It is, in fact, one of the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto. How can we be said to be free when on a regular basis government authorities hold a gun to our head and extract a substantial portion of the fruit of our labor?

Dr. Paul has been fighting "Tax Terrorism" on various fronts for his entire career. He has never voted for a tax increase of any kind. Short of eliminating the IRS, an impossible dream for a "lone congressman," he has nevertheless sponsored many bills to reduce taxes in specific ways. Ron Paul has consistently voted against government expansion. He clearly sees the underlying source of runaway taxation, namely an imperial government with an endless book of blank checks, written without any representation, drawn against the future earnings of all Americans and their children. As president, he would greatly expand this "war on terror" by bringing the troops home from all around the world, paving the way towards elimination of the hated income tax and the despised IRS.

Tax Terrorism is a despicable conundrum in a "free" society, and another clear example of how the federal government uses fear as one of its most basic tools for controlling the population. Fear of Islamic terrorism may have become all-pervasive since the events of 9-11, but fear of the tax man has been in full force and effect at least since World War II -- all of my personal lifetime. Can YOU remain content to live your life under a government that intentionally uses fear and terror to keep its citizens in line?

If America were to wake up and put a Ron Paul into the office of president, there would be an excellent chance of ending tax terrorism once and for all. Give Americans a taste of real freedom, and can you imagine us going back to the annual April 15th blues ever again? That is why the establishment is so afraid of Ron Paul.

In the meanwhile, consider educating yourself about what the constitution has to say about taxation. I recommend these fine articles by Dave Champion - "Constitutional Issues of Taxation" and "Debunking IRS Lies."

My last article about the IRS [Which Part of Ron Paul's "Eliminate the IRS" Didn't You Understand?] turned out to be wildly popular by Nolan Chart standards, having garnered nearly 600 readers and 47 "Thumbs Up" so far. No, that's not that many - until you stop to consider that, for unknown reasons, it never "saw the light" of a Google listing. Go ahead and search for it on Google, it's not there (unless they sneaked it in very recently when I wasn't looking!) Will this article fare any better? I guess we'll see. [Breaking news: this article just made it into Google's news index.]

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