Friday, March 14, 2008

Presenting Bob Schulz

Discover the Right the Government hopes you never learn about!
See the plan that will take the Revolution to the next level!

Come learn about the profound legal tool
provided by our Founders that can restore
Constitutional Order without electing a single
politician or firing a single musket.

Learn the historical context and original
intent of the little-known Right to Petition
for Redress of Grievances that could quickly
force our government to stop its crimes against
the Constitution.

Listen as WTP Chairman Bob Schulz exposes
the most powerful legal weapon the People possess
to hold Government accountable and present his bold,
grassroots plan to root out tyranny.

It's time to awaken our nation, organize our masses,
and exercise our Sovereign power to restore Liberty!

We are the Freedom Keepers

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    at the next Freedom Keepers Rally
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Freedom Keeper Dates Cities Times and Locations Below:

There are 9 events scheduled.

3/08/08 Austin TX 7 PM Brave New Books, 1904 Guadalupe, Austin TX 78705 - Phone: 512-480-2503
3/09/08 Austin TX 1 PM and 4 PM Brave New Books, 1904 Guadalupe, Austin TX 78705 - Phone: 512-480-2503
3/10/08 Austin TX 2 PM Brave New Books, 1904 Guadalupe, Austin TX 78705 - Phone: 512-480-2503
3/11/08 McQueeney TX 6 PM Silver Eagle Tap House, 9301 FM 725 McQueeney, TX - Phone: 830-560-1709
3/15/08 Houston TX 1 PM Houston Baptist University - MABEE THEATER, 7502 Fondren Rd. Houston, TX 77074 - Phone: 281-649-3236
3/16/08 Phoeniz AZ 1 PM Phoenix Library, 1221 N. Central Ave. Phoenix AZ 85004 - Phone: 602-262-4636
3/20/08 El Paso, TX 7 PM (Details soon)
3/29/08 Grand Rapids, MI 1 PM Howard Johnson Plaza, 255 28th St., Grand Rapids, MI 49548. -Phone - (616) 241-6444
3/30/08 Southfield, MI 1 PM Cass Ballroom, Embassy Suites Hotel, 28100 Franklin Rd., Southfield, MI. - Phone - (248) 350-2000


  1. Sign Petitions For Redress of Grievances
    1. The Iraq War
    2. Domestic Spying
    3. The Privately Owned Federal Reserve
    4. Direct Taxes On Individual Labor
    5. Illegal Immigration
    6. Disarming The People
    7. The North American Union (NAU)
    8. Foreign Policy / Foreign Aid
  2. Listen [4+ hours] to Bob Schulz's complete event on 3/1/08 [requires windows media player]
  3. Download [10.4mb] Power Point Presentation. It Requires FREE Zip or Rar to uncompressed the file and Power Point to view presentation. If you don't have Power Point [included with MS Office] then use download FREE Power Point Viewer
  4. Download flyers future presentations
  5. About We the People. The We The People Congress is a nationwide, membership based organization of Constitutional activists committed to "institutionalizing" citizen vigilance through civic education, monitoring acts of government, and organizing grassroots programs of civic resistance to repel tyranny. Based on the life work of Thomas Jefferson, the Congress is organized into local state and county "ward republics" and coordinates closely with the WTP Foundation to restore Constitutional Order and secure Freedom.
  6. About Bob Schulz Founder, We the People
  7. Donate To We the People
  8. Additional Constitutional Violations
    1. Computerized Voting
    2. Direct Taxes On Individual Labor
    3. Unanswered 9-11 Questions
    4. National ID Cards/RFID
    5. Jury Nullification
    6. Executive Orders/Powers
    7. Seizures of Private Property
    8. The 'Welfare State'
  9. CLICK HERE NOW to reserve your [Free] seat at the next Freedom Keepers Rally

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