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April 18, 2008...4:50 am

Queensbury Activist Bob Schulz Plans Hunger Strike

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Queensbury activist and libertarian, Bob Schulz, vowed to begin a hunger strike, to the death if necessary, beginning August 11, 2008 on the West Lawn of the Capitol should the federal government fail to respond to petitions filed by We The People within 40 days, the same amount of time provided the King under Section 61 of the Magna Carta of 1215. Schulz’s announcement was made at a meeting of We The People and other libertarians, including Ron Paul, on April 15 near the west steps of the United States Capitol.

We The People Foundation For Constitutional Education is a grassroots libertarian education and research organization, founded by Schulz to educate “Americans about their Fundamental Rights and the history, meaning and power of the Constitution, and the essential Principles of Liberty.”

In 2007 Schulz was sued by the Department of Justice in Syracuse federal court for alleged tax fraud. In August the court issued an order which included an injunction prohibiting Schulz and We The People from advising people that they are not required to file federal tax returns or pay federal taxes among other things. The ruling also required Schulz to post the order on his website. Schulz appealed the above decision, but a federal court of appeals upheld it.

On April 7, 2008, the government filed a motion in the United States District Court in Syracuse, asking the court to hold Robert L. Schulz and the We the People Foundation in civil contempt of court. According to court documents, Schulz has failed to turn over to the government the names and contact information of people who received materials about taxation from We The People as required by the original decision by the court.

Schulz claims that this is a First Amendment issue, and that the government is censoring him and We The People by not allowing them to distribute information about the IRS and taxation, information which they believe to be true but which the IRS claims is contributing to criminal activity.

If the federal court agrees with the government’s motion, Schulz could be fined and or imprisoned. Schulz, who has been an activist for decades, has vowed to fight on.

Read more about Bob Schulz’s problems with the IRS, DOJ and federal judiciary.

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Dan Weaver said...

I don't mind that you lifted my entire post from my blog and posted it on yours, but basic decency requires that you attribute it to me and link to my blog.

Being a libertarian does not mean one is lawless. Breaking copyright laws is one form of lawlessness that is rampant in the blogosphere.