Friday, February 20, 2009

Fix it or be left holding the smoking gun

"Something BIG is happening; 9 U.S. states declare sovereignty
2/5/09--Last week, I reported on this blog that the New Hampshire Legislature made a dramatic declaration warning the federal government that they risk "nullifying the Constitution."

Within the past 7 days, eight other U.S. states have made similar declarations of their sovereignty!

Clearly something "big" is up. These types of actions by state legislatures rarely if ever take place, and I know of absolutely no time in US history when so many states made such declarations within such a short period of time.

WHAT IF. . . . . .
The states disband the federal government; which is within their power to do via Constitutional Convention, then walk away from the entire $20 TRILLION U.S. National Debt?

They could tell the creditors to go collect the money from the people who borrowed it. . . . . Oh, wait. . . . . . they no longer exist . . . . . too bad. Bye.

We could be witnessing the foundation of the biggest financial f##k-job in the history of the world as US states dissolve the federal government that borrowed all the money!

Below are links to the nine states (so far) that have made sovereignty declarations of one type or another."


New Hampshire







Communicate with your friends in the News Media or in Government. You could let them know that you and your friends want; a letter sent out to all registered voters starting with the city, then county, and then state exclusively recommending that every voter carefully review their local government CAFRs. (Very important!)
Additionally, you could let them know that you have "Never: seen in your lifetime a News article" from the "syndicated" News Media or any Political party or elected official that presented a "Comprehensive" review with dollar balances noted from any local government CAFRs (our Government's Annual Financial Report).
It has now been several decades (since 1946) with no open mention of the CAFR by elected officials or the syndicated News media. For example, a Google "News" search shows virtually no hits, and that you consider such omission of our local government's most important financial document, the CAFR, (the Annual Financial Report) which shows significant (2 to 3 times more) income, assets,and investment over budget reports, being clear fraud and criminal conduct on the part of the many involved. Especially in light of a normal Google search yielding over 2.5 million hits but no clear or open mention in the "News".
Continued omission of open mention of the CAFR for review by our government and Syndicated News Media outlets, you consider to be culpatory admission of participation by those individuals involved with the most severe, unconstitutional, and treasonous actions of non-disclosure perpetrated since the founding of the United States of America. (That might be a little mild, but it gets the point across)
For News outlets, ask them when and who will be working on the "Feature Story?"
For your local elected politicians, ask "when" and "where" the reviews and links to the CAFR will appear on their web sites and newsletters? Moreover don't forget that you want a letter to go out to all registered voters recommending they review their local government CAFRs.
Hey, if you need to, get together with a few residents, and print up the letter, and pay the city for it to be sent to all registered voters in your city. Make sure the links to download the CAFR reports or addresses to request a hard copy of the report are there for all CAFRs in the state. (the list will be large and the total money shown upon review will be massive) Keep in mind that all forms of local governments create a CAFR each year. School Districts, County Colleges, Pensions, Enterprise operations, etc.
NOTE: DO NOT yourself or allow the city to mix in the letter other issues which will defuse and confuse. Only make the clear recomendation to review the CAFRs. (that 10% to 15% factor of sharp cookies on the taxpayer list, when they do read and review, and then comprehend what is going on and here is where the change for corection occures)
Truly yours,
Walter J. Burien, Jr.

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