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Key to Obama health plan blocked by UFO truth embargo?
June 25, 3:10 PM

President Barack Obama delivers remarks on health care reform at the annual meeting of the American Medical Association, Monday, June 15, 2009 in Chicago. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Tiny fragments of a device of apparent extraterrestrial origin may hold an invaluable secret to advancing health care in the US, but open discussion of that fact may be subjected to information policing by the Obama administration.

The sad irony of the situation is that a president who campaigned and won on a platform of truth and openness and who has just presented a comprehensive plan on ABC in prime time to reform the nation's medical care may unwittingly be preventing discussion that could lead to a breakthrough which would revolutionize health care.

Complex miniature devices of unknown and apparent extraterrestrial origin have exhibited a remarkable ability to be assimilated into the human body as foreign objects without inflammation or rejection by the human immune system. The mysterious coating on these objects, if fully understood, could revolutionize organ transplant and other operations that require pins, screws and plates to be implanted in the human body.

The New York Times, however, is reporting that while the Obama administration has asked the public for new ideas with the unveiling of an open-government website, the administration is considering steps to curtail free speech and discussion of the UFO issue on the prejudiced supposition that UFO subjects are somehow 'fringe'—the modern term for heresy, which was considered a crime against the church when Galileo published his findings in opposition to the conventional wisdom of his time.

The White House tried to screen out some of the more unusual comments in the second phase of the process. Ms. Noveck summarized the most significant ideas, then invited comments on them at Visitors could flag off-topic comments, which were then shunted to a separate part of the site. That reduced the birth-certificate and U.F.O. comments to a relative trickle. — The New York Times

The argument goes—from guys like Clay Shirky, who ought to know better—that important public debate should not be 'hijacked' by a vocal minority. This view is more likely ill informed than disingenuous, but in either case it flies in the face of the facts. The UFO issue can hardly be painted as the interest of a 'fringe' minority. Polls show that 50+% of the American people believe some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft and 85+% believe their government is not telling the truth of the matter.

Suppressing free speech on matters such as physical evidence of UFOs uncomfortable to the psyche of a select few who would monitor the content of the public debate is an insidious form of censorship.

The spirit of the first amendment aside, what is at stake is a health care breakthrough that would save millions of dollars and thousands of lives—if research is funded and accomplished to understand why the mysterious devices exhibit an unusual ability to assimilate themselves inside the human body with no reaction from the immune system.

• • •

The fragments in question are the remnants of an enigmatic device removed from the toe of a subject which was apparently some kind of tagging and tracking unit. Veteran implant-removal specialist Dr. Roger Leir made the announcement at a press conference held by the Paradigm Research Group immediately after the 2009 X Conference in Washington, D.C. Leir's presentation of the biological nature of the mysterious implants was complemented by the results of a material analysis conducted by Dr Alex Moser, Ph.D.

The implications of the material's composition and apparent function are paradigm shifting. At the time, the implant analysis report was overshadowed by Apollo 14 Astronaut Edgar Mitchell's statement of belief that ET has been here for some time and that the elements of the government who actually know this have been keeping that information highly compartmentalized. Since then, however, a highly credentialed physicist has spoken out on the issue, a nationwide radio host has investigated the report and the story has begun to gain legs.

For just-the-facts UFO investigators, Leir and Moser offered the compelling news of the 2009 X-conference press conference: hard evidence that can be analyzed and results that point toward non-human origin of the device.

Due to a number of unusual characteristics documented in the analysis, there are only two conclusions that can be arrived at as to the origin of the implants:

Either an unknown agency of extraterrestrial nature is manufacturing highly sophisticated biomechanical devices and implanting them inside human bodies,

Or some terrestrial agency with enormous resources has achieved nanotechnology fabrication capability beyond currently known limits and is doing the same thing.

Either possibility is unsettling.

That the first possibility is a credible concern alone is enough to be front-page news. The mainstream media truth embargo about UFO/ET evidence or the amount of science required to present the story may account for the fact it wasn't.

• • •

Here is what we know:


In 2003 a sophisticated use of the Roper Organization by Bigelow resulted in a solid estimate that of about 2% of the population has likely had an experience of the nature termed abduction. In order to avoid any kind of data skewing it was necessary not to telegraph the nature of the inquiry. Certain questions designed to reveal characteristics pointing to abduction were inserted into in three separate Limobus surveys conducted by Roper. A false positive trigger question was included to identify those who could not have been abducted but were giving positive answers.

Successful abductions include selective amnesia of the event and thus accounts of abduction often need to be retrieved by hypnotic regression. A large percentage likely goes unreported.

Roper's representative American sample of about 6000 adults (with a sampling error of 1.4 percent!) showed that one out of every 50 people met the abductee profile. This figure suggests that about 33,000,000 individuals had been abducted in America. A closer look at these specific profiles showed that these people were not "average" at all. — Report on the Roper Analysis Data

A characteristic of the accounts is the implantation of a small device at various locations on the body. The presumed reason for this would be subject tracking and data gathering—a process humans have developed while gathering information about the other species inhabiting our planet. Once you consider an advanced intelligence of some form operating in our biosphere, the notion of small implants for data capture and tracking is a trivial leap.

D. Roger Leir is an acknowledged pioneer in the field of implant detection and removal. Since 1995, he has conducted 15 surgeries to remove enigmatic objects from subjects who reported abduction experience by non-human entities. These surgeries removed miniscule metallic devices detected by X-Ray. The objects themselves constitute some of the rare hard evidence of extraterrestrial origin—and thus technology and thus intelligence—available in the wake of tens of thousands of UFO sightings annually worldwide.

The most recent and significant of the implant removal cases is the object removed by Lier last year and presented at the conference.

The devices:

Dr Roger Leir addresss the 2009 X-Conference press at the National Press Club.

While in the body, a device is identified on X-Ray, located precisely with a CAT scan. It shows up as a metallic object where one should not be. There is no apparent entry point, which implies that the object was either inserted with an advanced form of medical implant technique or somehow grew in place. The latter is highly unlikely given the complex nature of the device.

The devices exhibit a measured magnetic field of 5 mGauss. A refrigerator door magnet, by comparison is 15 mGauss. There are no natural objects in the human body we know of that have magnetic fields anywhere near this strong. There are some magnetic fields associated with the operation of the nervous system, but these are extremely weak (on the order of microGauss, or less). The earth's magnetic field is approximately 300 mGauss, in most areas, so this is about 1/30th of the earth's magnetic field strength.

Alex Moser speculates that the magnetic field of the device may have a function in powering it, via zero-point energy, or in helping to generate the radio signals it was emitting before removal from the subject.

The devices emit RF transmissions on several frequencies, ranging from the extremely low frequency of 9 cycles per second, which corresponds to a naturally occurring human brain wave frequency up to the gigahertz range.

The 9 Hz ELF frequency observed is said to have applications in mind control. The 17 MHz signal is in an aeronautical mobile (aircraft communication) band, and the 20 GHz frequency is in a satellite communication band.

While Moser thinks that the implant may have had mind influencing/control as one of its functions, he also considers it possible that aliens use our communication bands for some of their own (heavily encrypted) messages, perhaps to be able to more easily listen in on human communications.

No recordings of the RF emissions has been made and no attempt made to do signal analysis of the emissions, so what information may be being broadcast, if any, is unknown at this time.

As for power output, Moser reports that “we do not have quantitative data on the signal strength, but an educated guess as to the power output would be 10-100 mWatts. The device was apparently transmitting continuously, unlike an RFID chip, which only transmits a very low-power RF burst, when irradiated by a nearby transmitter. Monitoring of the signals did not take place for a sufficiently long time interval to determine whether the transmissions were influenced by the subject. The signals ceased after removal from the subject. In this case, the cessation of transmission may have been due to the implant breaking into pieces on removal, but the RF signals also ceased in previous implants which were removed intact.”

The power source for these embedded devices is unknown. One assumption is that power for the device is somehow biochemically extracted from the surrounding body. A second theory from Dr. Kootz contends that the low frequency emanations from the device may be the signature of a scalar energy extraction system—which could lead to an understanding of propulsion systems required to travel to the stars.

The interface between the unusual object and the human body is a thin later of material which connects the object with the surrounding tissue in such a way that the foreign body becomes part of the human body. There seems to be a coating on the outer edge of the object that facilitates this process. The potential for this coating to remove the issue of inflammation and rejection of implanted material in the human body is significant. All medical procedure that involves stitching together the human body with pins, screws, stints and plates would benefit from this coating.

No known incident explains the presence of the object in the subject's body. We don't know how it got there, we don't know why it wasn't rejected, we don't know what powers it and we don't know why it is emitting RF transmission on a range specific frequencies.

The material:

Alex Moser, Ph.D explains the unusual characteristics of the 2009 Lier implant to the press at a press conference after the 2009 X-Conference.

Once removed, analysis of the object fragment indicates a level of material fabrication beyond the limits of publicly announced human capability. It also demonstrates material components not consistent with materials found on earth.

Included in the complex structure are carbon nanotubes, small molecular constructions of carbon atoms, which terrestrial science is just beginning to understand and utilize.

One of the most significant indicators of extraterrestrial origin is the variance of isotopic ratios of the composite elements from normal terrestrial elements. If you take an element such as Nickel or Silver, there are several different isotopes of that element available in nature. The isotope of an element refers to the specific arrangement of the electrons orbiting the nucleus, and a moderately heavy element like a metal may have the same number of electrons arranged in different numbers in the bands surrounding the nucleus.

The ratio of common isotopes of an element is fixed and common to the element on earth, however specimens recovered from space exhibit different ratios of the isotopes than terrestrial atoms.

The extracted implant material exhibits isotopic ratios at variance with that of terrestrial elements. If this measurement is correct, the implication is that the only way this material could have been manufactured is if the fabrication facility had access to a supply of extra-terrestrial materials or the technology to produce non-terrestrial isotopic ratio metal—an unlikely possibility.

When researching this kind of UFO evidence, however one must proceed carefully. In an email, Moser expressed a concern that one of the measured isotopic ratio anomalies may be instrumentation or measurement error.

Moser’s caveat is that “as stated in the report, the analysis lab could not give adequate explanation for the Ni isotopic anomaly. However, I am fairly certain the error is derived as described in the report (beam broadening as a result of high nickel loading within the analyzer).”

This does not explain all of the isotopic ratio anomalies, however, and further research is needed.

Prior isotopic ratio anomalies:

The 2009 Leir implant removal is the first time such material has been detected in an obviously fabricated operational device inside a human being, although there have been reports of isotopic anomalies in material alleged to have been recovered from a crashed ET spacecraft.

A 1997 report in CNI News discusses in detail the major prior instance of isotopic anomalies in alleged extraterrestrial material, which has not been followed up with adequate verification research:

On the morning of July 4, 1997, in an auditorium in Roswell, New Mexico, hundreds of news reporters and other interested onlookers came together for what was billed as a press conference on the scientific testing of an object said to have been recovered from the crash of a UFO near Roswell in 1947.

The main speaker, Dr. Russell VernonClark, a chemist from the University of California at San Diego, delivered prepared comments and then immediately left the auditorium, frustrating many journalists who wanted to ask him questions. Even so, VernonClark's announced findings undoubtedly represented the biggest surprise of the weeklong festival called Roswell UFO Encounter 97. —CNI News, 1997

These graphs, from the 1997 CNI News report, reproduced here with permission, shows the isotopic ratio differences in the 1997 sample from naturally occuring elements.

One obvious error in the 1997 results was in the isotopic ratio of Germanium, which has a half-life of a couple of days. This result precluded the sample being old enough to have had an origin in 1947 and was obviously a measurement error of some sort.

Moser explains that “I reviewed a small portion of [VernonClark’s] data set and was concerned of the claims because I felt the analysis method used was inadequate and the data set showed behavior that indicated inadequate sample signal.”

Concerns about the error rate of the measurement on the isotopic ratio evidence make Moser justifiably cautious, but the presence of carbon nanotubes, a magnetic field, and unusual radio frequency (RF) emissions from the embedded device, coupled with the magical ability to reside in the body without provoking a rejection response from the immune system, not to mention the inexplicable origin of the devices make this evidence worthy of considerable scrutiny.

Separate from the isotopic ratios the issue of the ratio of various rare elements indicates a possible extraterrestrial origin of at the least, the raw materials from which the device was fabricated.

Moser states that “The gallium, germanium, and precious metals in the metallic portion of the sample were present in ratios which were very consistent being derived from an iron-nickel meteorite.

There is a lot of this material in our solar system, and it would be a good, naturally occurring magnetic material, which would be inexpensive to an organization with cost effective space flight capabilities. It would be a good base material for aliens to use for fabrication of a device requiring a magnetic field.

There is probably some type of low-temperature melting process involved in getting the carbon nanotube inclusions/components inside the metal of the device, to avoid conversion of the CNTs to iron carbide, if the metal had to be melted at its normal melting point. Some type of automated nanoassembler would also almost certainly be involved in the fabrication of this type of device.”

• • •

The letter of support:

Shortly after the announcement, a letter of support came from a surprising source. Experimental nuclear physicist Dr. Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D. is an expert in carbon nanotube fabrication whose published credentials lend considerable weight to his opinion that this object may represent, among other things, a planetary security issue. That likelihood must, he says, be openly discussed and understood by the public.

In particular, I note the reported non-terrestrial isotope ratios of the putative implant, the reported emissions of electromagnetic energy and the apparent microstructure of the possible device. This is physical evidence that has been and can be analyzed.

I also note that the interviewed scientist seems quite clear-headed and sensible. Furthermore, the scientist has demonstrable knowledge about carbon nano-tubes and appears to indeed be the scientist he claims to be.

I see no reason whatsoever to discount what these men are saying. Indeed, quite the opposite is true: My opinion is that this matter should be taken very seriously and, eventually, should be openly addressed by both federal authorities and by the public. —Dr. Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D.

Moser’s response to the Koontz open letter is positive: “I read the letter and I agree with it in it's entirety. Though I believe it is possible the situation is vastly more complex than most understand.”

The unusual step of publishing his credentials on the web and speaking out on the so called 'fringe' issue is an example of the American citizen no longer willing to let compelling evidence be swept under the rug of ridicule, denial or marginalization by proclamation, such as practiced by Shirky and the New York Times. The issues associated with the increasing evidence of UFO and ET activity in our biosphere must be addressed openly. Anything less leads to a debilitating cultural schizophrenia.

The remaining questions:

The applicable Carl Saganism in this case usually is that 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'. Dr. Roger Leir has presented extraordinary evidence. At this point the corollary is that extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary investigation.

A research organization wishing to remain anonymous checked a number of subjects with possible implants at a recent UFO convention, using a much more sophisticated radio frequency spectrum analyzer. Activity was detected at the same frequencies (except ELF, which the instrument was not sensitive to) plus some not observed previously. However, according to Moser, a lack of serious funding prevents "the kind of study this evidence requires."

Eisenhower warned that when research is a slave to government funding true intellectual curiosity would be diminished. This is clearly such a case, for the medical benefits of understanding the mystery coating alone would save countless lives. Yet the extraordinary research demanded by these enigmatic objects will never come from a military-industrial complex that seems determined not to allow academic investigation of anything implying an extraterrestrial intelligence operating in our biosphere.

The potential medical benefits aside, the implications of the origin of these devices confront the crumbling paradigm that we are somehow inexplicably alone in a vast universe that is likely teeming with life.

Who made these devices?

Who implanted them in the human subjects without their knowledge, much less consent?

What information is being gathered and who is benefiting from that information?

How many of us are implanted and don't know it?

If it is a form of advanced intelligence, what are they trying to find out about us and how do we deal with the fact that they are?

Can these data gathering devices point a way towards communication with whoever is doing this?

Should SETI be thinking about transmitting on these frequencies messages intended to get a response, in order to let the chipmakers know that we know that they are implanting us?

And if it is not some form of advanced intelligence studying us, then what secret element of our society, what agency is covertly tagging, tracking and studying its own citizens? Who approved the policy? Who provided the funding?

When will a member of the White House correspondents’ corps finally have the temerity to ask a question about this issue?

The Whitley Strieber Interview:

At least one journalist is not afraid to pursue this story on the national stage. Whitley Strieber interviewed Robert Koontz on his Dreamland radio program. The conversation, in light of the questions above, is compelling listening for anyone who understands what has been presented in this article.

One of the things that can be done is to launch a Twitter initiative to ask for adequate funding of research into the 2009 Leir implant remains.

The truth embargo maintained by the powers that be is failing; the race to Disclosure has begun. Discovering and disclosing the extent to which everyday citizens are being tagged and tracked—and by whom—is a critical step.

As part of the recently proposed sweeping health care reform bill, the Obama administration should include funding to detect, extract and study these objects with an eye at the very least to reverse engineering the biological coating.

And someone should tell the Obama administration that suppressing free and open inquiry into aspects of the UFO phenomenon that may hold the key to significant advances in the human condition is not the way to make good on the inauguration day promise of truth and openness.
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