Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anyone daring to expose themselves as being among those who have seen the Truth about the IRS’s and DOJ’s lies and myths about the income tax law is in jeopardy of harsh reprisals despite the law to the contrary. Thus it is not recommended that you confront them. These tax enforcement agencies are “armed and dangerous” and they will do you harm.
It is recommended that you do the same thing that you would if you were to recognize a band of armed and dangerous fugitives. You would not attempt a citizen’s arrest in that case but you would report your sighting to the authorities, wouldn’t you? Since reporting the government’s illegal activities to the government would be tantamount to informing one of the armed and dangerous fugitives that you have recognized them, that would be imprudent at best, and more likely be a disastrous mistake. The authorities in this case must be those who have authority over the government . . . We the People of America. The owners and masters of the government must be informed of their government's misconduct. Instead of confronting the gang of outlaws, tell your family, your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers and associates. Tell it to the People and call upon them to bring the force of the law down on the government.

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