Thursday, March 15, 2007

Like it or not here is the Law. The law of Momentum

Joint Tax Committee Releases Federal Tax Data

Bluebook The Joint Committee on Taxation has released Selected Data Related To The Federal Tax System (JCX-11-07):

The current Federal tax system has four main elements: (1) an income tax on individuals and corporations (which consist of both a “regular” income tax and an alternative minimum tax); (2) employment taxes on wages (and corresponding taxes on self-employment income); (3) estate, gift, and generation skipping taxes, and (4) excise taxes on selected goods and services. This document provides general data related to each of these elements.

Here is one of the many interesting charts:

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Anonymous said...

Someone must have forgot to tell them that 'sources of income' under the tax Code are related to location, or WHERE one earned or derived income. 'wages and salaries' are not a SOURCE but an ITEM of income. tsk tsk.