Saturday, March 17, 2007

So stupid, Only a cave man would pay income tax

IRS -- so convoluted
only a caveman pays taxes

by Kevin Good, Unknown News March 12, 2007

In order to walk upright in the U.S. tax system today you must
first be one of the top income earners in America and affluent enough to afford an accountant to follow you around identifying and recording deductions. The firm he works for will fill out and file IRS forms number CT-1 ‘Employer's Annual Railroad Retirement’ threw Form number 14411 ‘Systemic Advocacy Issue Submission’ and defend their accuracy.

At this level deductions may include
tickets to sporting events (even skybox seats have been allowed in many cases as
long as business was discussed during the game and the taxpayer could prove attending the game was directly related to the promotion of business)

An African Safari was a legal write off for the owners of a dairy business. Why? Many of its ongoing promotional activities, including a successful marketing campaign, depicted or used wild animals.

The owner of a nightclub promotion firm successfully
deducted a ‘Playmate’ Party. The business of party planning and promotion includes, by definition, taking clients to parties and promotion events. For this owner, the cost of throwing parties involving scantily clad "bunnies" was a valid and deductible expense. (Thanks, Legal Zoom)

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