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Gambling 911 States The Obvious Regarding Ron Paul's Move Into the Top Tier Presidential Candidates, All Ron Paul's Support is Real / Growing Exponentially

Ron Paul Moves Into the Top Tier, Suggesting All His Support is Real Special Contributor Jennifer Reynolds has a lot to say about 2008 Presidential candidate Ron Paul and the continued "disrespect" he is receiving in the media, a "disrespect" not shown by online oddsmakers who give Ron Paul a respectable 15 to 1 odds of winning the 2008 US Presidential Race.

Ron Paul continues to be among the most sought after subjects on the website. His political web-based strategy has caught the attention of other politicians across the US from Hillary Clinton - who incorporated a brilliant online video taken from the Sopranos finale - right down to local political races including those in's own stomping grounds of Miami Beach where preservationist mayoral candidate Matti Bower is planning a major YouTube-focused campaign while Commissioner Michael Gongora (running for re-election) already is.

"Paul at his age is the last person you would think to be Internet savvy," says's political analyst, Carrie Stroup. "For all we know, he may not even be able to log onto a computer. But he's got great people behind him that are pushing the online initiative and it is working in a major way. The appeal is to a younger, more Internet experienced audience whereas the mainstream media tends to gather opinions from a much more mature segment of society who may not be quite as familiar with the Internet."

And this could explain the sometimes blatant disregard of Paul in the mainstream media as Ms. Reynolds discusses below.


In the second quarter, Ron Paul is reporting that he has 2.4 million cash on hand. That is more money than "front-runner" John McCain. Now, the mainstream media has never really offered up their methodology for deciding who gets to be called "top tier" but if Ron Paul now has more cash on hand than John McCain (a former top tier candidate) more Meetup groups than all the other candidates, is the number one searched term on Technorati, and number one in YouTube subscriptions, then he must have moved into the top tier by now.

For months now, most mainstream media reports of Ron Paul and his massive Internet popularity have claimed that his supporters are really spammers – just a few nuts pushing for Ron Paul with the computer savvy to “look” like thousands of individuals. The underlying implication is "what else could it be?" When Ron Paul won or came in second in the first three Republican national debates the mainstream media claimed that his support had been faked somehow and the numbers must be skewed. When Ron Paul got twice as many supporters to attend his rally as the forum to which he was the only candidate not invited, they called it a fluke or lied about the numbers.

When they have nothing else bad to say, they pull out the trump card and claim that Ron Paul is only polling at 1%. However, these official polls cited by the mainstream media only question several hundreds of respondents. In online polls with a much higher response rate Ron Paul is winning by a landslide. See CNN's debate poll of 25,000 responses after the third debate and MSNBC's poll with over 72,000 responses after the first debate.

On ABC recently, George Stephanopoulos was so disrespectful in his interview that he actually laughed at Dr. Paul when he suggested that he was in it to win it. Georgie boy was willing to bet everything he has in his pocket against Paul's chance of winning the presidency. (Watch the video and then Google the blogs of the interview. A lot of people were not too happy with GS's show of disrespect.) Mr. Stephanopoulos, in order for it to be a real bet we need to know how much money you had in your pocket. Please let us know. Ron Paul is still listed with 15 to 1 odds of winning the 2008 US Presidential Race as of press time July 12, 2007.

The American people are fed up with being fooled, fed up with being manipulated, fed up with being stripped of their liberties. The media has been telling us what to think for so long, and cannot fathom that We the People are now thinking for ourselves.

We are learning what is really going on as opposed to the nonsense they try to tell us. We are learning that the Federal Reserve is costing us a fortune, and we are learning what the Federal Reserve is. We are learning the difference between monetary and price inflation. (The former is caused by the government when they borrow dollars and ask the Fed to print more money; the latter is caused by the former.) We are learning that a non-interventionist foreign policy will keep us safer than attacking every country willy-nilly. Who is our teacher? Ron Paul. Who is the only person telling the truth? Ron Paul. Do you know what else we are learning? We are learning just how biased the mainstream media is to a small government message.

They try to fool us with a false dichotomy of conservative vs. liberal, but really both sides are for big government. The real division in this country is between statists and non-statists. The statist believes the Federal Government should take all your money and then tell you how to live. The non-statist wants to keep their own money, be left alone, and make their own decisions on how to live. That is what confused Stephen Colbert so much and why Ron Paul does not seem to fit into any one category. Ron Paul is a non-statist, pro-constitutionalist.

People are tired of seeing the wealth disparity between those who have the power and those who don't. The only way to stop the abuse of power is to take the power away. People are starting to doubt that all we need is a generous person in power. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We must take the power away from politicians in order to stay free. Ron Paul has proven he will work to reduce the size, scope, expense, and predation of government.

He consistently votes against bills that give the government more power. He has voted against any bill that would give the government control of the Internet. For decades he has consistently voted against any bill that violates the constitution. He has never voted for a Congressional pay raise, he will not accept his Congressional pension, and he refused to let his kids take out school loans because he thought it was
immoral. Why immoral? Because the government has no money and the only way it can give money to people is to take it from others. That is called stealing. We were taught that in 2nd grade. Ron Paul is teaching what it means to be moral.

If all the support for Ron Paul is real, and all those thousands of people in the Meetup groups are not bots, then the message is clear: the people are getting fed up and want their liberties back. The mainstream media loses credibility and readership (and viewership) as over and over they have exhibited shameful acts of blatant bias throughout this campaign. The good news is that the people are not being swayed by the biased reporting and are starting to voice their displeasure.

A fundamental shift is taking place in this country. People are learning how they have been manipulated and used. Thanks to the Internet, real news is leaking out. Thanks to sites like this we can stay truly informed and learn the things the bigwigs want to keep silent. We the People are tired of losing liberties. People are noticing what has been done to them and they don't like it. They are looking for someone to make a real shift in this country. They are looking for someone they can trust. Ron Paul is that person. He has remained consistent in his voting record and the way he lives his own life. How can you tell how a person will behave in the future: look at how they have behaved in the past.

Become one of the informed. Google Ron Paul. Learn about him. Go to and look in the lower left corner for writings from the Ron Paul file. Learn about his policies. I dare you.

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