Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dr Ron Paul In Gold

Ron Paul: The Candidate with the Golden Dollar

Ron Paul Gold, Silver, and Copper Dollars
By Davy C Rockett CLOUT INDEX
Published Jul 20, 2007
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Ron Paul is the only candidate running for President of the United States, that has his own Gold, Silver, and Copper Dollars minted with his image.
These dollars come in availability of pure $1 Copper, $20 Silver, and $1000 Gold Coinage Dollars.

Paul is also the only candidate for President who is for getting rid of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve, who since 1913 has printed and distributed our money in America at a price.
Unfortunately for hard working US citizens, the Federal Reserve has nothing to do with our Federal Government and is a privately owned organization, ran by bankers from around the globe, charging massive interest to borrow and use their dollars. These bankers are now known as the "Council on Foreign Relations" or CFR.
In essence, a dollar backed by these rich bankers means your hard earned dollar earns less every time they print money and circulate it into the economy. A gold backed currency would be inflationary proof.

America's Inflationary Proof Dollar, 100% backed and redeemable in gold and silver, the "Liberty Dollar" has decided to mint a gold, silver, and copper dollar in honor of Dr. Ron Paul and his commitment to these principles of upholding our Constitutional rule of laws, that a majority of our elected officials scoff at and leave at the curbside when they finally make it into office these days.

The Liberty Dollar is nothing new and has been around since 1998. Many merchants are familiar with Liberty dollars and will gladly accept them, knowing they are redeemable in gold and silver. I myself have faith in the Liberty dollar and have even purchased a few silver pieces with Ron Paul on them.
With a price tag of a $1000 dollars for the gold "Ron Paul" Liberty Dollar it might take a while to get one for my collection.

Radio Commentator Paul Harvey has been quoted as saying in reference to the Liberty Dollar, "FedEx competes with the Post Office, now there is the Liberty Dollar for competition with greenbacks printed by our government".

The US government has said it's "perfectly legal tender" and the Federal Reserve has said "so be it". I say I look forward to spending my first "Liberty Dollar", and having more choices and options when it comes to being a consumer in a free market.

The people at the Liberty Dollar website say that Ron Paul can win in 2008, and seems to be supporting him 100% as a candidate, as well as with commemorating him with a special edition dollar.

Not only is it a brilliant marketing strategy, but a great looking coin as well. Many coin collectors like myself will definitely add these coins to our collections.
Thank you Liberty Dollar for this mint.

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