Monday, October 22, 2007

The Information SuperHighway

Buy The Real 911: Truth and Testimony here:

Extraordinary Bible Investigations: and the design of the universe! Significant influence! E.W. Bullinger

Other Bible/Theological Research Sources: Worldwide Bible reference. On-line Bible/Bible search. Bible study resource. Online Douay-Rheims Bible Bible mega-site; prophecy and more. Catholic encyclopedia- tons of data! Hebrew/Greek Concordance- amazing tool. KJV Bible on-line.

Phi and the Golden Section:

Phi, Pi and the Pyramids: Schwaller de Lubicz. lecture. 5w /gold-egypt/

Realistic 9/11 Investigations: One of my personal favorites. Historical events on 9/11. 9/11 insurance scam. Insider trading before 9/11. update/ WTC Collapse videos. Invaluable! A very important piece of the puzzle. Find the 757!?

Cults, Divisions and Man Made Religions: vs. Christianity symbolism. in Miracles. “church” of $cientology from A to Z. The wackos from Waco., the moon God. The name says it all. Masonry vs. Christianity.

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