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The Signature Of Christ


If the millions of aficionados of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, are anything to go by, many people have a sizeable appetite for mystery. Mr. Brown’s best seller is, of course, a work of fiction. Nonetheless, because he suggested that some of its premises may have a historical basis and that the established Church may be suppressing this information, his book and the film made from it have generated feverish interest among sensation seekers in the possibility that Jesus may have had a wife and left a bloodline.

Now, for those whose appetite for suspense is not satisfied by fiction and speculation, I would like to present a very real mystery. What if someone found the signature of Jesus Christ? Moreover, what if this signature had been placed within a modern version of the Bible, evidencing that Jesus had a hand in shaping it and that therefore he is in some way very much alive, just as Christians claim? What if the signature was actually a kind of watermark, the authenticating seal of a staggering message encrypted within the Bible? This is not fiction, nor is it in any way exaggerated. These are the conclusions to which I have come after years of revelation, research and discovery, as I slowly and painstakingly uncovered a genuine code hidden within the New International Version (NIV) Bible (note 1).

Alphabetic Numeration

In fact there are several signatures to show you. Before I can do so, however, I have to teach you the language in which they were written. This is by no means an arduous task; it simply requires me to show you how words can be read as numbers, something you may already be familiar with in the system of Roman numerals, where any number can be represented by a string of letters from the latin alphabet. For example, the number 1160 can be represented in Roman numerials by the letters MCLX, the individual numerical values of each letter being (in this case) summed to give the desired total.

MCLX = 1000 + 100 + 50 + 10 = 1160

Latin is not the only language in which letters can substitute for numbers; in biblical times this was also the case for Hebrew and Greek. The letters of these alphabets were converted into numbers through systems of alphabetic numeration. Hebrew letters doubled as numbers according to a scheme where the first nine letters of this twenty-two-letter alphabet were assigned the values 1 to 9, the next nine letters took the values 10 to 90 and the last four took the values 100 to 400. The Greek system of numeration was similar. In this way, any number could be represented as a string of letters, the number being the sum of the individual letter values.

Now words are also strings of letters, which means that they too can be assigned a numerical value. For instance, the Hebrew word transliterated as ‘Yahweh’, which means ‘the Lord’, has a value of 26, calculated as shown:

The NIV Bible is, of course, written in modern English. However, the Hebrew system of alphabetic numeration can also be applied to English letters. Under this scheme the letters from A to I take the values 1 to 9, J to R take the values 10 to 90 and S to Z take the values 100 to 800. This yields a number called here the standard value of the word or phrase for which it is calculated (note 2). This numeration system is in fact one of two on which the code I have found is based. The other system is even simpler: the place value of each letter of the alphabet becomes its numerical value. So the letters from A to Z take the values 1 to 26. This yields a number I call the ordinal value.

With these two keys I found the signature of Christ.

Here is an example of how English words and phrases are numerated under the ordinal value and standard value systems (identified by their initial letters in parenthesis):

God (o) = 7 + 15 + 4 = 26
God (s) = 7 + 60 + 4 = 71

Each of the signatures are found only after the same decoding procedure is followed. This procedure, which took me over three years to work out, has two steps:

1. A passage of text from the NIV is converted into a number under the ordinal value system.
2. This is the standard value of a name or title for Jesus Christ.

This is what I call a signature of Christ.

The Signatures

An example will make things stunningly clear. Here are the first twelve words of the NIV Bible, numerated under the ordinal value system.

Genesis 1 (words 1 to 12)
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the...

Ist 12 words NIV Genesis (o) = 515
Jesus (s) ..................................= 515

This is, in fact, the first signature of Christ. Notice that the signature is found within a block of twelve words. In the Bible the number twelve is associated with God, who led the twelve tribes of Israel, and Jesus himself, with twelve disciples. “One swallow does not a summer make.” said Aristotle. In similar vein, a sceptic could say: “One apparently meaningful connection does not a code make.” So let’s see if the next twelve words are also meaningful.

Genesis 1 (words 13 to 24)
earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the...

Words 13 to 24 NIV Genesis (o) = 654
Word (s) ......................................= 654

In the prologue of John we are told that “In the beginning was the word...”. John’s ‘word’ is of course a reference to Jesus Christ, who was the Word Incarnate, and this is therefore another signature.

If we bisect each of these twelve-word segments, further signatures are revealed. Here are the first twenty-four words of Genesis, broken into six-word segments, with their ordinal values.

Genesis 1 (words 1 to 6)
In the beginning God created the...

Genesis 1 (words 7 to 12)
heavens and the earth. Now the...

Genesis 1 (words 13 to 18)
earth was formless and empty, darkness...

Genesis 1 (words 19 to 24)
was over the surface of the...

1st 6 words NIV Genesis (o) .......= 252
Words 7 to 12 NIV Genesis (o) ...= 263
Words 13 to 18 NIV Genesis (o) .= 391
Words 19 to 24 NIV Genesis (o) .= 263

Now here is the value under the Hebrew system of numeration of the Hebrew word for Jesus (transliterated as Yehoshua) and the standard value of the English title by which he is also known, ‘Messiah’.

Incredibly, it would appear that three of these shorter segments also contain signatures! Also, if we sum the second and third numbers we again obtain 654, the standard value of ‘word’. Thus there are six numerical signatures, all found within the NIV Bible’s first twenty-four words. Three signatures are associated with blocks of twelve words, the other three with blocks of six words. These are displayed in figure 1.


Could random forces have produced such a wonder? Proponents of the chance hypothesis are confronted by the following extraordinary and independent facts:

a) The signatures are precisely aligned with a sequence of four blocks of six words.
b) These happen to be the opening twenty-four words of the NIV Bible, not some obscure passage therein.
c) These words begin the biblical description of God’s creation of heaven and earth; the underlying signatures are all of God Incarnate.

In other words the signatures form a distinctive, eye-catching pattern, are found in the most significant location within all of Scripture—where they would be most likely to be discovered—and are meaningfully related to the subject matter of the text, despite the fact that the numeration process obliterates any meaning conveyed by the words. Any one of these phenomena could have occurred naturally, but to attribute all of these phenomena to chance is simply unreasonable, because they form a profoundly-meaningful whole. Therefore I draw the conclusion that these signatures are neither chimeras nor statistical flukes; they are clearly and magnificently the result of intelligent design. Moreover, the Designer has signed His work, so you are left in no doubt as to His identity. All that remains for us to know is why He signed this particular version of His Word, a mystery this website attempts to unravel.

Verification Of the Signature Through An Equidistant Letter Sequence Encoding

The New Bible Code is an example of an alphanumerical code, whereby numbers are encoded and decoded by means of gematria. This is in contrast to the more famous equidistant letter sequence (ELS) codes, supposedly found in the Torah (the Hebrew Bible). In this type of code, words and phrases are encoded within the text by separating their constituent letters from each other, rendering them undetectable to the reader of the text. The message can only be decoded by knowing the number of letters (the ‘skip’) between each encoded letter (the skip is always the same between each letter of an encoded message). The search for ELS codes requires the decoder to render the text as a continuous string of letters, chop it up into equal numbers of letters, then place them below each other in sequence. Any messages encoded at that skip interval will then be clearly visible, running vertically down the text.

The search for ELS codes normally requires a computer programme. However, a simple manual search can also be undertaken, if the skip intervals are small. This is what I have done with the opening few verses of the NIV bible, with the following result, at a skip interval of 29.

Notice how the word ‘CODE’ intersects the plaintext words ‘GOD CREATED’. The skip interval of 29 is significant, as this is the reduced value of the word ‘Messiah’. In addition, the digits cross add to 11, a number which is supremely important to the New bible Code, through the events of September the 11th. The first letter, ‘C’, is also the eighteenth letter in the NIV Bible, continuing the ‘six’ theme that characterises the encodings at this location within the NIV Bible—see also the Creation Snowflake and From the Beginning.

I discovered this apparent ELS encoding in about 2004 and at first I thought it might be coincidental. However, that was before I discovered the signatures of Christ. On rechecking this phenomenon in April 2007, I noticed something truly astounding: the last letter of the word CODE is also the last letter of the NIV Bible’s first twenty-four words! These are of course the words within which the signatures of Christ are found. In fact one encoded letter is found within each group of six words, as shown below:

Therefore we have further evidence for the reality of the signatures of Christ and the New Bible Code (note 3), this evidence encoded by an entirely different yet complementary method and further displaying the limitless capabilities of the Encoder Himself.

Bill Downie
Latest revision 6/7/07


A War of Numbers

In the months following 911, most of the websites devoted to finding the truth concerned themselves with inconsistencies in the media/government story. Others however, toyed with numerical occurrences that hinted at occult involvement. Was the choice of the eleventh day of the month just a coincidence? Was it a coincidence that New York was the eleventh to join the union? Was it a coincidence that there were 111 days left in the year after September 11th? Was it a coincidence that multiples of eleven also dominated the flight numbers and passenger quantities of the aircraft involved? Was it a coincidence that the twin towers actually looked like a huge eleven? Was it a coincidence that the number eleven represents “war with the demonic element” in occult lore?

Ever since I read Hal Lindsey’s books about Bible prophecy in the ’80’s I was a big fan of looking for signs that prophecies from the books of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation were coming true. Many people had theorized (without much compelling evidence) that America could be the fabled Babylon of Revelation. After 9/11, evidence to support these claims poured forth.

The name Babylon took its name from the infamous tower of Babel. It was destroyed by God because the men who built it sought to glorify and “elevate” themselves toward the heavens. The name Babylon literally means “gate of god” meaning that my use of the term “gate” to refer to 911 was much more than a simple allegory. Was it a coincidence that New York City, along with Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty represented a “gateway to freedom” and to America itself for millions of immigrants? Was it a coincidence that a real gate required two posts, or towers, as in the ancient city-fortress of Babylon? Was it a coincidence that the primary towers in both New York City and Babylon were destroyed?

Aided by some brilliant Internet contacts, I discovered that these were not coincidences. The battle between light and dark, between good and evil, in fact the gate itself was designed and created according to a numerical code known only to an elite few.

As many scientists will attest, the language of science and nature is mathematics. Whether the task is building a bomb, a bridge or a strawberry, the language of numbers is a reliable constant. It should surprise no one therefore, that this rule also extends beyond the purely physical realm.

One of the chief proponents of this framework is E.W. Bullinger and his book Number in Scripture:Its Supernatural Design and Spiritual Significance. Bullingerexamined and compared hundreds of numerical occurrences in the Bible. Besides well-known occurrences like the Ten Commandments and the forty days and forty nights, Bullinger also examined verse numbers, word occurrences, physical dimensions of objects described and even genealogy accounts. Even his examination of the natural world, such as sound and music, chemistry, color and physiology produced a harmony of numbers that agreed with biblical usage. This discovery confirms a fundamental link between God, the Bible and the world in which we live.

Although Bullinger describes advanced methods for deciphering the symbolic meanings behind many numbers used in the Bible, (5, 7, 10, 40, 666 etc.) the most important of these are the numbers from one through eight. Their importance is implied in a critical verse from the Book of Revelation.

Revelation 1:8: “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” UsingBullinger’s methodology, this verse provides us with an important clue for linking the symbolism of one and eight to the beginning and the end, as well as to the journey between them.

In an “earthly” sense, one stands for unity and for the self. One stands for your world and your perceptions of it. Most people have great difficulty in altering their “oneness,” because it often takes a great shock to the system to move them from their comfort zone. You may have heard the phrase “your reality” or “his reality” as if the term reality is not a constant. But reality is a constant. A person’s education, biology or peer group may create a perception of separation, but in truth there is only one world, one reality.

In a more biblical sense, one stands for God. The fact that this number is used to represent both the self and God simultaneously, implies not only that there is only one reality, but also that man is intimately linked to the one God. Man can choose to be one with God or one with himself. When one is paired with another one, as we see in the number eleven, a second god, or a challenger to God is implied.

This pairing brings us to the number two. Two stands for contrasts and comparisons. The second letter of the Hebrew alphabet mirrors the symbolism of the number two. It is called Beit. It is from this letter that we get our word, “both.” This letter is the first letter of the Bible and of the book of Genesis. Like the number two, Beit stands for the beginning of man’s “journey”. If we look at the number two in a positive sense, it stands for man, his realm and all that was created by God for man’s benefit. If we look at it in a negative light, two stands for all that is separate or opposed to God.

Three stands for triunity or the unique strength that comes from a three fold union. If we look at buildings, bridges or even automotive design, we can easily find examples of how diagonal members are used to strengthen a structure. A square is a relatively flimsy shape. But if that square is bisected (creating two triangles) a very rigid shape results.

Our world is measured by 3’s in a number of ways: height, length and breadth describe physical dimensions. Positions are sometimes based on x, y and z coordinates. Substances may be described as animal, vegetable or mineral. States of matter are usually defined as solid, liquid or gas. Time is often described as being comprised of past, present and future. God too, can be described this way. He is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. He may also be described as a triune entity consisting of God the Father, the Holy Spirit and Jesus the Son.

The number four represents many of the dark qualities of the number two in an intensified form. It is the first number that can be divided by a quantity other than one and itself. Four is simultaneously the sum of two and two as well as the product of two times two. Four represents that which is divided from, or opposed to God in an extreme way.

Five represents grace. Specifically, gifts from God that are given to those who don’t deserve them are gifts of grace. The Old and New Covenants are both marked by fives. It is no accident that there are Ten Commandments. (A multiple of five.) Jesus’ life and death on earth is one of the best examples of the grace/gifts from God.

As implied by the infamous number 666, six is the number of man and his works apart from God. It is particularly linked to colossal works of man like the pyramids and the Tower of Babel. As one step above and beyond the grace of the number five, six indicates that the grace available from God has been ignored or rejected.

Seven may in fact be the most wondrous of numbers. It is used unlike any other number in the Bible. Bullinger says that the usage and symbolism of the number seven may in fact be innumerable. As the number of notes on a musical scale, colors of the rainbow and days of the week, the number seven serves as an undeniable signature of God’s hand upon creation. In the Bible, the word “seven” occurs 287 times. (7 x 41) The word “seventh” occurs 98 times (7 x 14). “Seven-fold” occurs seven times. “Seventy” occurs 56 times (7 x 8). There are seven seals and seven angels with seven trumpets in Revelation 6-8. There are seven parables of Matthew 13. There are seven gifts in Romans 12:6-8, seven unities of Ephesians 4:4-6, seven characteristics of wisdom in James 3:17, seven gifts of Christ in John’s Gospel, seven “better” things and seven titles of Christ in the book of Hebrews. Most significantly, it was on the seventh day that the Lord rested after creating the heavens and the earth. Thus, the number seven indicates the end of a cycle.

The number eight is unique and powerful in its own right. It carries many of the symbolic qualities of the number one, but also serves as a link between the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Eight stands for superabundance and regeneration. If the numbers from one to seven represent the path of man through trials and tribulations, through triumphs and failures, the number eight implies that man has succeeded in his journey and achieved the ultimate regeneration: immortality of the soul.

The number eight also bears a striking similarity to the mathematical symbol for infinity, which is essentially a number eight on its side. A classic schoolroom demonstration of infinity is accomplished by putting a twist in a loop of ribbon so that it is essentially one sided. It also takes little effort to see the similarity between the number eight and the yin and yang of Eastern philosophy which carries much of the same symbolism.

In addition to Bullinger’s groundbreaking work, I compared numerical data from a number of other biblical researchers. Stan Tenen ( and his groundbreaking work with the Hebrew text of Genesis were incredibly helpful. His work is far too extraordinary to summarize here, but his discoveries were instrumental in allowing me to examine passages from the New Testament with ancient, time honored, Old Testament principles.

As Stan demonstrates on his website and a host of other materials, the first sentence of the Torah (and of the Bible), “In the Beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” contains an embedded code that Stan calls “letter level coding.” The breadth of multi-dimensional information that resides within these letters may in fact be beyond the ability of mankind to completely unravel. One major factor that is verifiable however, is that the first line of Genesis is written in such a way that the last character is virtually synonymous with the first. This implies a cycle and a deeply symbolic metaphor for creation, life, death and rebirth that is exactly like the 1-8 principle implied in Bullinger’s system!

While I marveled at Stan’s work, I hoped that some day a similar system might be uncovered within the pages of the New Testament. While his work spoke volumes about the creation and early trials of humanity, I hoped that there might be some secrets encoded within the Bible that would speak to the people of the Christian era.

A little boredom and a virtual addiction to new information allowed me to find a researcher who had done just that. Pat Killeen (her site is currently down) demonstrated a system of English language gematria that took New Testament analysis to an entirely new level. In addition to her intriguing work with gematria, she also developed an absolutely staggering analysis of the history of Christianity and the hidden forces that were working to destroy it since the very beginning. Her tireless dedication and extensive library was the perfect partners for my intense curiosity. With the advent of 911, our work quickly merged and I felt miraculously grateful that the Bible would not cease to reveal new secrets anytime in the near future.

And of course there was the Bible code, which was hugely popularized by Michael Drosnin’s book of the same name. It has been widely explored and developed on many websites and books. Although proponents on both sides claim victory in their pronouncements about the authenticity of the Equidistant Letter Spacing (ELS) phenomenon, it too continues to provide incite about current events virtually as they happen, seemingly silencing the critics.

One might say that the only flaw with the Bible code is that it comes from a portion of the Bible that is written in Hebrew. Even with the help of modern software that works on any PC, “translation” is somewhat awkward. This too begs that someone or something new would come along to carry the torch into the Christian era. And so it is that William Downie reveals for us “The New Bible Code” which blends Bullinger’s work, English language gematria and fractal geometry into a brand new statement about our existence and its divine design. See:

With the help of these and other extraordinary people, I could see that the numerical architecture that was employed throughout the Bible, the Tarot cards, the Koran and the design of our universe was also expressed in America’s greatest tragedy. To say that 9/11 was the work of Afghani terrorists was the most ridiculous obfuscation ever to reach human ears.

With this numerical foundation in place, I could now assemble the many, many clues which had been under our very noses for decades. It was soon evident that the patterns of numbers were not simply a subtle, incidental background component of our design, but a thriving, intricate expression of intent between forces in a truly universal war between good and evil forces.

In the same way that a solider would fight a soldier, a tank would fight a tank and a battle ship would fight a battle ship, the war of numbers provides a predictable and identifiable framework upon which the war for our souls is fought.

To obtain the greatest summation of our existence, I needed only to identify the players. Fortunately, the players on the dark side of the battle are very proud and boastful of their accomplishments, and their trail was not hard to follow

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