Friday, May 1, 2009


Local and Federal Government's gross income in 1999 was 8.5 trillion dollars and the entire population's of the USA gross income, "net after taxation" 4.8 trillion dollars.

Would you like to see the Government Accounting Office (GAO) Audit of the IRS?

Then CLICK HERE (to save this file you have to scroll to the end of the report for it to finish uploading then it can be saved)

Jump to page 89 and 90. (Data for the 1999 report gives 1997's info shown)

Personal individual income of the USA is listed as 5 trillion dollars (add across all in Gross Income column) and

Corporate at 15.5 trillion dollars (add across all in Total Receipts column) .

After Corporate deductions it left the largest corporations with about a 1.5% tax bill and

for personal income (page 89) after deductions for the largest personal individual incomes a 27.04% tax bill.

Smile Comrade, it could be worse? Or could it?

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