Friday, May 1, 2009

New Discovery: 5 Photoshopped images of Obama done by the same user calling her-himself Ducky - one of these 5 images is the Certificate of Live Birth!

by DefendUSx April 29, 2009 01:34

Thanks to Rhonda Parsons who has a BA in graphics and her finding some images across the Internet from Obama's high school days in Hawaii.

I was looking for evidence of image forgery, and to my surprise saw the name 'Ducky' appeared in each image reviewed. I remember seeing 'Ducky' on Obama's Certificate of Live Birth image from his Fight the Smears website way back in August.

This proves that 'Ducky' has forged or changed every one of these images, in one form or another, as an effort to present something likely false by using a Professional image editing software (Photoshop) to make changes.

For those you not that computer-savvy, Photoshop is image-editing software (the most popular). You can virtually superimpose one image onto another etc. Photoshop is often used to put heads on other peoples' bodies (as in the case of some Glam magazines) etc. Even an amateur with this software can make convincing, yet fake photos.

A quick-and-dirty way to find out if an image has been altered in any way, is to open that image in a Hex (or even simple text) editor.

Note: For those of you not so computer-savvy - images when opened in text editors (like Notepad) show the Hexidecimal code for the image. Computers only understand numbers, so it uses Hexidecimal to represent pairs of Binary numbers. Binary numbers are 1's and 0's. A pattern of these numbers together, represent the image to the computer, which converts it to what you see. Hexidecimal is a way of shortening up Binary sequences.

When an altered (or newly created) image is saved in Photoshop, it (Photoshop) will record basic details about the image depending on how the image-saving preferences are set. You can record additional text into the image, such as copyright information, or even a comment. And no, Ducky did not save any copyright information for the images.

Below are the images - shown normally and opened in a Hex editor. You will see 'Ducky' in each one:

Obama Yearbook Mosaic

Obama Birth Notice

High School Steps

Obama Basketball. Notice Coach's right hand, the Belt, and the number changed from the other Basketball image. He went from number 23 to 25. Look at the shadow on the coach's neck and the shadow on Obama's. They are not going the same direction. Obama's head is too big as well.

Last but not least, Ducky's real claim to fame (or lest we say forgery), the Certificate of Live Birth from Obama's Fight the Smears website.

You can save any one or all of these images to your hard drive. Open each image in a text editor and look near the top, you will see "Ducky" stamped in each one.

"Ducky" ties the images to the same single source.

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